The Family Tree of Benjamin Hoadly, Bishop of Winchester (1676-1761)

The Family of Bishop Benjamin Hoadly (1676-1761)


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Benjamin Hoadly, Bishop of Winchester by William Hogarth


There has been, for a several generations, a long-standing tradition
that our Hoadly family is connected somehow with that of this
controversial Bishop.

Quite where this sprung up originally, is now long-lost in the mists
of time, but one of my objectives when comencing my research into our
family history back in 1990, was to either establish or refute this

To date I have only managed to irrefutably trace our Hoadly line back
to Samuel Hoadly of Otham, Kent, who married Elizabeth Millar in 1768.
I have not yet found a definite birth / baptism for him, and until
that is found, it is not possible to say that the two families have
any link at all.

However, in my researches I have over the years discovered distant members
from my own Hoadly family who descend from branches many generations back,
and who live in other parts of the world who all say that they too have been told
that there is a connection - so whenever and however this story originally began,
it would appear that it did so at least from the early to mid 19th Century.

It will be seen that whatever the truth, there was no direct legitimate male line
after the Bishop's two sons, so even if there were a connection it
would have to be from some generation before - which of course is
possible, but there is as yet no proof.

No matter whether a family connection is eventually discovered, the
history of the Rev John Hoadly and his descendants is nevertheless

As with my own family any additions and / or corrections are always

Please email via the link on this page.

Many thanks.

Graham Hoadly

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The Descendants of Rev. John Hoadly of Kent 1616-1668



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