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Family of Thomas Henry TRELEASE and Annie BARRETT

Husband: Thomas Henry TRELEASE (1851-1920)
Wife: Annie BARRETT (1855-1926)
Children: Lilian TRELEASE (1883-1969)
Winifred TRELEASE (1888-1948)
Walter Russell Argentine TRELEASE (1890-1947)
Marriage 20 Sep 18801

Husband: Thomas Henry TRELEASE


Thomas Henry TRELEASE


Thomas Henry TRELEASE

Name: Thomas Henry TRELEASE1
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas TRELEASE (1819-1874)
Mother: Prudence MITCHELL (1817-1891)
Birth 14 Nov 1851 Bolingey1
Death 22 Aug 1920 (age 68) Capri Nursing Home, Falmouth1

Wife: Annie BARRETT

Name: Annie BARRETT1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 24 Apr 18551
Death 14 Jun 1926 (age 71)1

Child 1: Lilian TRELEASE

Name: Lilian TRELEASE1
Sex: Female
Birth 26 Apr 1883 Falmouth1
Death 1969 (age 85-86)1

Child 2: Winifred TRELEASE

Name: Winifred TRELEASE1
Sex: Female
Birth 2 Mar 1888 Falmouth1
Death 29 Dec 1948 (age 60)1

Child 3: Walter Russell Argentine TRELEASE


Walter Russell Argentine TRELEASE

Name: Walter Russell Argentine TRELEASE1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Una Elizabeth COWARD (1891-1977)
Birth 1 Aug 1890 Falmouth1
Death 1947 (age 56-57) Falmouth1

Note on Husband: Thomas Henry TRELEASE

The 2 sons Thomas Henry ( b. 1851 at Bolingey )and Richard ( b. 1854 at Ventonleague) did not become miners but were apprenticed to Samuel Harris, R. Clarke and Co., Boscawen St. Truro , as outfitters, ( according to 1871 Census ). As mentioned above Thomas Henry went on to Falmouth and left £ 20,326 11s 8d in his Will when he died in 1920 aged 69.


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Graham Hoadly.