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Family of Una Penelope TRELEASE

Husband: (unknown)
Wife: Una Penelope TRELEASE (1924-1991)

Wife: Una Penelope TRELEASE

Name: Una Penelope TRELEASE1
Sex: Female
Father: Walter Russell Argentine TRELEASE (1890-1947)
Mother: Una Elizabeth COWARD (1891-1977)
Birth 7 Jul 1924 Falmouth1
Death 8 Oct 1991 (age 67) Godmanchester1

Note on Wife: Una Penelope TRELEASE

Rev.Richard Mitchell Trelease visited my grandmother Una Trelease in Cornwall in the early 1950's .


1Helge Spidsberg, Email to Suzanne Trelease from Helge Spidsberg.
Text From Source: Email to Suzanne Trelease from Helge Spidsberg of Norway, dated 14 August 2001 (Descended from a sibling of Thomas
Graham Hoadly.