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Family of William Francis GOODSON and Jessie BUTLER

Husband: William Francis GOODSON ( - )
Wife: Jessie BUTLER (1911?- )
Children: Iris GOODSON ( - )
Marriage Q2 1932 Stepney, London1

Husband: William Francis GOODSON


William Francis GOODSON

Name: William Francis GOODSON
Sex: Male
Nickname: Dick
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Jessie BUTLER



Name: Jessie BUTLER
Sex: Female
Father: Charles BUTLER (1880?-c. 1953)
Mother: Ada EVANS (1880?-c. 1953)
Birth Jan 1911 (cal) Stepney, London

Child 2: Iris GOODSON

Name: Iris GOODSON
Sex: Female
Spouse: Ronald C PAVITT ( - )


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Text From Source: Marriages Jun 1932 (13%)

Butler Jessie Goodson Stepney 1c 322
Internet. Call Number: (electronic).