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Family of Phillip George H HARRIS and Edie CURRY

Husband: Phillip George H HARRIS (1900- )
Wife: Edie CURRY ( - )
Children: Audrey HARRIS ( - )

Husband: Phillip George H HARRIS

Name: Phillip George H HARRIS1
Sex: Male
Father: Henry Edward HARRIS (1870?- )
Mother: Lydia Harriet W. WOODS (1868- )
Birth Q1 1900 Cardiff, Wales2,3
Census 31 Mar 1901 (age 1) Llanduff, Glamorgan, Wales4
126 Windsor Road, Llanduff, Glamorgan, Wales

Wife: Edie CURRY

Name: Edie CURRY1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Audrey HARRIS



Name: Audrey HARRIS1
Sex: Female


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E-mail Info given by Anthony James Woods to Graham Hoadly.
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GST wrote the following on a Tree that he drew
1) his mother was Harry Applegate's widow - Beattrice CRIDDLE who already had 3 children - Frank, Iris & Aneurin (died age 14 in mine).

2) Edith WOODS (married John COSLETT & had 2 children, Gordon & Stainer).

3) Tom WOODS (married ??? had 2 children Nancy & Phyllis).

4) Lily WOODS married Harry HARRIS & had 4 children: Phil, Cecil, Eddie (married Harold Kendall - son Hedley) and Dolly (married A. HOLINES: children: Basil & Malcolm).

The following notes can be gleaned by using George Henry's WOODS Documents:

1870 25th April Born
1893 10th March enlisted in the Grenadier Guards in Taunton, Somerset
1893 15th May joined 'A ' or Whitehall Division of the Metropolitan Police
1899 11th August resigned from Metropolitan Police with a Gratuity of £39
? enlisted in the Irish Guards
1902 21st June discharged from as 21134 Sergeant from the 42nd Squadron XII Irish Guards at Kronstad
1902 12th August joined Transvaal Town Police
1903 23rd September discharged (Parchment Certificate of Character; No: 102) aged 33 (Single Status) as Trooper 1377 Transvaal Town Police, Johannesburg in consequence of "TwiceEnp???d"
1908 worked for Hopkin Morgan, Baker, Cardiff
1914 20th August enlisted in Royal Welsh Fusiliers
1918 15th April discharge of 355541 Private from Battn Royal Welsh Fusiliers as 'No longer fit for War Service' at Shrewsbury

There after ????
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Harris Phillip George H Cardiff 11a 442
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4"Census 1901 (Lydia Harriet Harris) Llanduff, Glamorgan, Wales RG13/4990/63/3".
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Lydia H Harris Wife 31 Cardiff
Edith L M Harris Daur 7 Cardiff
Ann D L Harris Daur 5 Cardiff
Philip G H Harris Son 1 Cardiff
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Source: Census 1901 (Lydia Harriet Harris) Llanduff, Glamorgan, Wales RG13/4990/63/3, Lydia Harriet Harris 01