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Family of Stephen COLLINS and Eliza DAY

Husband: Stephen COLLINS ( - )
Wife: Eliza DAY (1832- )
Children: Annie COLLINS ( - )
Thirza Julia Adelaide COLLINS ( - )
Bertha COLLINS ( - )
Marriage 1859 Maidstone, Kent, England1
Jun 1859 Maidstone 2a 640

Husband: Stephen COLLINS

Name: Stephen COLLINS2
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Eliza DAY

Name: Eliza DAY2
Sex: Female
Father: Samuel DAY (1811-1908)
Mother: Eliza GLOVER (c. 1813- )
Birth 1832 Maidstone, Kent, England2

Child 1: Annie COLLINS

Name: Annie COLLINS2
Sex: Female

Child 2: Thirza Julia Adelaide COLLINS

Name: Thirza Julia Adelaide COLLINS2
Sex: Female
Spouse: Alfred Henry BEER ( - )

Child 3: Bertha COLLINS

Name: Bertha COLLINS2
Sex: Female

Note on Wife: Eliza DAY (1) - shared note

Samuel Day and Eliza had the following children, most of whom emigrated either to Australia or New Zealand:

Eliza Day,b. 1832,

Cornelius Day, b. 1834,

Stephen Day, b. 1837,

Naomi Day, b. 1840,

Caleb Day, b. 1841,

Ellen Day, b. 1844,

Naomi Day, b. 1845,

Rhoda Day, b. 1848,

Gabriel Samuel Day, b. 1849 and

Emma Rhoda Day, b. 1854.


Most of these children appear to have settled either in Australia or New Zealand.


(I am in contact with one of the descendants of Cornelius Day, who is included in the Encyclopedia of New Zealand for his role in introducing Jersey cattle to the country. )



Samuel Day ... ['s] ... eldest child, Eliza Day, was my g-g grandmother.

I know relatively little about her life,except that she was born in Maidstone in 1832 where she later married Stephen Collins, a school teacher.

She emigratedto Australia in 1869 without her husband (I have no idea what became of him), evidently to join the rest of the Day clan.

She arrived on the Yorkshire in May of that year with her children Annie, Thirza Julia Adelaide (my g-grandmother), and Bertha.

Sadly, she died of phthisis in Geelong in 1871, leaving her daughters alone at the ages of 8, 6 and 5 respectively.

Note on Wife: Eliza DAY (2)

Arrived in Victoria, Australia May 1869 aboard "Yorkshire" with 5 daughters;


Anna Maria age 12

Ada Elizabeth age 11

Gertrude Eliza age 8

Thirza Julia age 7

Bertha Marianna age 53


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