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Family of Violet Doreen PAYNE

Husband: (unknown)
Wife: Violet Doreen PAYNE (1914-1958)

Wife: Violet Doreen PAYNE


Violet Doreen PAYNE, 1938, age 24

Name: Violet Doreen PAYNE1
Sex: Female
Nickname: Dimmie
Father: Frederick George PAYNE (1890-1980)
Mother: Frances Violet HUTCHINSON (1891-1961)
Birth 5 May 19142
Occupation Dancer1
Death 1958 (age 43-44)2

Note on Wife: Violet Doreen PAYNE (1) - shared note

Name to be found in the chorus of a Pantomime.


Danced in panto at New Theatre Cardiff in c. 1936 / 7

Note on Wife: Violet Doreen PAYNE (2)

Dim was born in 1914 and died at the very young age of 44 in 1958


she was a dancer before she married.


Dim had one son John Payne Taunton he is still very much alive.2


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