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Family of John Lewis PAYNE

Husband: John Lewis PAYNE (1926-1982)
Wife: (unknown)

Husband: John Lewis PAYNE


John Lewis PAYNE

Name: John Lewis PAYNE1
Sex: Male
Nickname: Goy
Father: Frederick George PAYNE (1890-1980)
Mother: Frances Violet HUTCHINSON (1891-1961)
Birth 23 Jan 19261
Death 1982 (age 55-56)1

Note on Husband: John Lewis PAYNE

John Lewis always called Goysha or Goy.The Paynes were great on nicknames.


Goy was born in 1926 and died in 1982.1


1Roma Beresford, "Roma Beresford email".
Roma is a Great Grand-daughter of John Boon Payne and Hannah Stephenson, via their son, Frederick George Payne.
Assessment: Secondary evidence.
Graham Hoadly.