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Family of Alfred Bolton WHITFIELD and Emma MOUNTAIN

Husband: Alfred Bolton WHITFIELD (1849-1880)
Wife: Emma MOUNTAIN (1836?- )
Marriage Q2 1873 Liverpool, Lancs.1,2

Husband: Alfred Bolton WHITFIELD

Name: Alfred Bolton WHITFIELD1
Sex: Male
Father: John WHITFIELD ( - )
Mother: Mary Frances ? ( - )
Birth Q3 1849 Liverpool, Lancs.1,3
Death Q1 1880 (age 31) Liverpool, Lancs.1,4


Name: Emma MOUNTAIN1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1836 (cal) London, Middlesex1


1"Email from Julia Parker".
Text From Source: It appears after the death of Frederick Alefounder, Isabella met and married my gt grandfather, Thomas Byrne on 31 August 1902 in Walthamstow, their address was 35 Cassiobury Road. Witnesses Fred Alefounder (son?) and Nelly? Baker.

Thomas's first wife Florence Amy Kennan had died on 29 Sep 1901.

Thomas Byrne was born in Co Carlow, Ireland. Florence Amy Kennan was born in Liverpool, although her parents, George Kennan and Emma Mountain were both born in London.

My grandmother Florence Mildred Byrne was Thomas's second daughter, born 12 Nov 1887.
She was 15 when Thomas and Isabella married. I think both she and her older sister, Constance Mary (16) may have spent some time with their father and stepmother in the south, but they both returned to Liverpool. My grandmother married on 26 Dec 1911.

Thomas had one son, Thomas Germaine Byrne and 5 daughters the 3 youngest girls (marguerite, Lucy Emma and Olive Norah) being 3, 5 and 8 years when he married Isabella. She also had several young children.

Thomas Byrne died 15 Sep 1911. Isabella outlived him and I believe my gt aunt Olive Norah Byrne nursed her step mother, Isabella, through illness (cancer?). I do not know when Isabella died.

There was a connection between the Alefounder and West families.
Probably in London or earlier in Essex/Norfolk?

The West family emigrated from London to Canada.

Thomas West returned to England on a visit (possibly to find a wife)and looked up old friends of his parents, the Alefounder family.

Thomas West married Lucy Emma Byrne and they returned to Canada.
Julia is the step Great Grandaughter of Isabella Kattenhorn.
Assessment: Secondary evidence.
Graham Hoadly.
2"Information from Free Births, Marriages, and Deaths website:" (Internet). Assessment: Secondary evidence.
Text From Source: Marriages Jun 1873

KENNAN Emma Mountain Liverpool 8b 429

WHITFIELD Alfred Bolton Liverpool 8b 429
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Text From Source: Births Sep 1849

WHITFIELD Alfred Bolton Liverpool 20 445
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Whitfield Alfred Bolton 31 Liverpool 8b 82