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Family of George DAKYN and Elizabeth FEARN

Husband: George DAKYN (bef1684-1747)
Wife: Elizabeth FEARN (bef1687-1747)
Children: Sarah DAKEN (bef1711-bef1738)
George DAKEN (bef1716-bef1740)
Mary DAKEN (bef1718- )
Anne DAKEYN (bef1721- )
John DAKEN (bef1723-bef1794)
William DAKEYN (bef1728- )
Marriage 9 Apr 1711 Sudbury, Derbyshire1

Husband: George DAKYN

Name: George DAKYN2
Sex: Male
Father: George DAKIN (1659-1686)
Mother: Ann ? ( -1742)
Birth bef 28 Sep 1684 Kirk Ireton, Derbyshire1
Occupation Carpenter1
Death 20 Oct 1747 (age 63) Doveridge, Derbyshire1

Wife: Elizabeth FEARN

Name: Elizabeth FEARN1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth bef 14 Sep 1687 Sudbury, Derbyshire1
Death 22 Feb 1747 (age 59) Doveridge, Derbyshire1

Child 1: Sarah DAKEN

Name: Sarah DAKEN1
Sex: Female
Birth bef 31 Dec 1711 Sudbury, Derbyshire1
Death bef 19 Sep 1738 (age 26) Sudbury, Derbyshire1

Child 2: George DAKEN

Name: George DAKEN1
Sex: Male
Birth bef 26 Jul 1716 Sudbury, Derbyshire1
Death bef 15 Jan 1740 (age 23) Sudbury, Derbyshire1

Child 3: Mary DAKEN

Name: Mary DAKEN1
Sex: Female
Birth bef 15 Jan 1718 Sudbury, Derbyshire1

Child 4: Anne DAKEYN

Name: Anne DAKEYN2
Sex: Female
Spouse: Simon HALL ( - )
Birth bef 14 May 1721 Doveridge, Derbyshire2

Child 5: John DAKEN

Name: John DAKEN2
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary ? ( - )
Birth bef 9 Jun 1723 Doveridge, Derbyshire2
Death bef 11 Dec 1794 (age 71) Doveridge, Derbyshire2

Child 6: William DAKEYN

Name: William DAKEYN2
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary COLE ( - )
Birth bef 3 Dec 1728 Doveridge, Derbyshire2

Note on Husband: George DAKYN

Hello Graham,


I think one possibility is that your George Dakeyn c1700 could be descended from George Dakin (?) 1646 on my tree of Rolleston (Staffs.) - its nearby Doveridge and he had at least two sons Thomas 1662 and Edward 1670 (and a possible 3rd arthur).Your George therefore might be a son of either Thomas or Edward Dakin.


There is however another, in my view, stronger possibility; that George Daken c1680 was a brother of Thomas Dakin 1683, son of William Dakin 1663 (married to [Mary] Ellen. I had her down as Ellen until I discivered George but I think it's quite common to combine Mary & Ellen as "Mary Ellen".


IGI says that there was such a person (George) christened and although no actual birth record , christening could well have taken place nearer the families Derbyshire roots (in Chelmorton area near Matlock) at Taddington.


I have already added George DAKEN to my tree as son of William, brother of Thomas.


I think that there is also a reasonable possibility that George married "Anne Austin" of Milwich, Staffordshire 0n 30th sept 1705 (it is quite close to doveridge - 7 miles along the uttoxeter road ,a "b" road going directly east to A50 ).

This could explain daughter Anne on your tree.


I have also added Anne tentatively.


A search of church records at Lichfield will be able to confirm these births/marriages etc I am sure.

please let me know if I am correct.


Meanwhile if you want some more history of the Dakin's (or De Keynes or de Cahaignes) , you could email me on and I could attach a few files with some interesting stuff on the family going back now to about 1035 (still things to confirm of course). If you do, remind me please that I have your tree on my genealogy file under name of Hordley as I have a short memory!


Kind Regards

Ken Dakin.


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