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Family of Thomas DAYKIN and Mary WARD

Husband: Thomas DAYKIN (bef1782-bef1862)
Wife: Mary WARD ( - )
Children: Fanny DAKIN (bef1818-1907)
George DAKIN (bef1819-bef1820)
Hannah DAKIN (bef1821- )
David DAKIN (bef1823- )
Anne DAKIN (bef1825- )
Phoebe DAKIN (bef1828- )
Esther DAKIN (bef1830- )
Marriage 19 Nov 1817 Doveridge, Derbyshire1

Husband: Thomas DAYKIN

Name: Thomas DAYKIN1
Sex: Male
Father: George DAYKIN (bef1747-bef1839)
Mother: Ann BOTHAM (1754-1829)
Birth bef 19 Sep 1782 Doveridge, Derbyshire1
Death bef 27 Jan 1862 (age 79) Doveridge, Derbyshire1

Wife: Mary WARD

Name: Mary WARD1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Fanny DAKIN

Name: Fanny DAKIN1
Sex: Female
Birth bef 11 Jan 1818 Doveridge, Derbyshire1
Death Q1 1907 (age 88) Uttoxeter, Derbyshire2

Child 2: George DAKIN

Name: George DAKIN1
Sex: Male
Birth bef 7 Nov 1819 Doveridge, Derbyshire1
Death bef 23 Apr 1820 (age 6 mns) Doveridge, Derbyshire1

Child 3: Hannah DAKIN

Name: Hannah DAKIN1
Sex: Female
Birth bef 15 Apr 1821 Doveridge, Derbyshire1

Child 4: David DAKIN

Name: David DAKIN1
Sex: Male
Birth bef 31 Aug 1823 Doveridge, Derbyshire1

Child 5: Anne DAKIN

Name: Anne DAKIN1
Sex: Female
Birth bef 30 Oct 1825 Doveridge, Derbyshire1

Child 6: Phoebe DAKIN

Name: Phoebe DAKIN1
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: James Vincent PITT ( - )
Birth bef 13 Jul 1828 Doveridge, Derbyshire1

Child 7: Esther DAKIN

Name: Esther DAKIN1
Sex: Female
Birth bef 13 Jun 1830 Doveridge, Derbyshire1


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