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Family of William DAY and Rebecca PIERCE

Husband: William DAY (1807-1885)
Wife: Rebecca PIERCE (1806-1879)
Children: William DAY (1829-1980)
Samuel DAY (1832- )
Joseph DAY (1834- )
Rebecca DAY (1837-1838)
Rebecca DAY (1839- )
Elizabeth DAY (1841- )
Thomas DAY ( - )
Emily DAY (1846- )
Caroline DAY (1847-1851)
Marriage 23 Dec 1828 Frittenden, Kent1
1828 Frittenden Parish Register
Marriage of William Day (Frittenden) and Rebecca Pierce (Frittenden) (Dec) Mary Day was there.
(Schedule of births marriages and deaths compiled from Kent Parish Registers by Sir Edward Day in 1992. Supplied by June Fancett, Dandenong, Victoria, Australia)

Husband: William DAY


William DAY


William DAY

Name: William DAY2
Sex: Male
Father: Charles DAY (1775-1841)
Mother: Elizabeth HOADLY (bef1776-1825)
Birth 10 Apr 1807 Maidstone, Kent3,4
Christening 1807 (age 0) King Street Baptist, Maidstone, Kent, England5
Death 25 Jan 1885 (age 77) Maidstone, Kent1,6
Cause: Senile Decay, Bronchitis, 6 Days
Address: 34 Ashford Road, Maidstone, Kent
Probate 9 May 18857

Wife: Rebecca PIERCE

Name: Rebecca PIERCE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1806
Death 1879 (age 72-73)

Child 1: William DAY


William DAY, 1896, age 67

Name: William DAY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ellen COOPER (1842-1932)
Birth 1829
Death 1980 (age 150-151)

Child 2: Samuel DAY

Name: Samuel DAY1
Sex: Male
Birth 18321

Child 3: Joseph DAY

Name: Joseph DAY1
Sex: Male
Birth 18341

Child 4: Rebecca DAY

Name: Rebecca DAY1
Sex: Female
Birth 18371
Death 1838 (age 0-1)1

Child 5: Rebecca DAY

Name: Rebecca DAY1
Sex: Female
Birth 18391

Child 6: Elizabeth DAY

Name: Elizabeth DAY1
Sex: Female
Birth 18411

Child 7: Thomas DAY

Name: Thomas DAY1
Sex: Male

Child 8: Emily DAY

Name: Emily DAY1
Sex: Female
Birth 18461

Child 9: Caroline DAY

Name: Caroline DAY1
Sex: Female
Birth 18471
Death 1851 (age 3-4)1

Note on Husband: William DAY - shared note

I am the great-great-great-grandson of William Day the eldest son of Charles Day and Elizabeth Hoedley.

He was your Samuel Day's brother.

This makes you and me 5th cousins if my calculations are correct.

Since I posted my Day information to the website, which was some time ago, I have completed some further research.

I have proved beyond reasonable doubt that William and Samuel were brothers by looking at the Register of Births for the King Street Baptist Chapel, Maidstone, Kent.

These are on microfilm at the Public Record Office in Kew. (I live in Twickenham which is only five miles away from Kew so getting there is a breeze for me).


Samuel's birth entry is as follows:

(PRO Ref: RG4/935 Folio: 8)


"These are to certify that Samuel, Son of Charles Day and of Elizabeth his Wife, was born in -------- in the Parish of Maidstone in the County of Kent on the twentieth day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eleven.

Registered by me, W Groser, Protestant Dissenting Minister, Dec 20 1825"


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4Mike Day, "Email from Mike Day to Graham Hoadly". Text From Source: King Street Baptist Chapel, Maidstone, Kent. Register of Births. PRO Ref: RG4/935 Folio: 6
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
"These are to certify that William, Son of Charles Day and of Elizabeth his Wife, was born in -------- in the Parish of Maidstone in the County of Kent on the tenth day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seven.
Registered by me, W Groser, Protestant Dissenting Minister, Dec 20 1825"

Note: The following note was written into the register of births by W Groser, "The King Street Baptist Chapel was built in 1822. The congregation was accustomed to worship previously in another place, its commencement being 1797."

Ref: 'The History of Maidstone the making of a modern county town' Peter Clark & Lyn Murfin, page 114
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------
"The growth of nonconformity in the late eighteenth century was striking, though not all congregations prospered. In 1782 there were said to be 209 Presbyterians and 42 Independents in the town, which indicates a decline from their earlier heyday. The Baptists had moved to a meeting house in Rose Yard in the 1740s and this had just over 40 members by the 1780s. In 1796 the congregation united with the Presbyterians at the Earl Street chapel, and after 1813 described themselves as Unitarians. The Rose Yard meeting-house was taken over the following year by a group of Particular or Calvinistic Baptists, an offshoot of a congregation at Chatham. This group had 33 members in 1806 an 59 by 1818. in 1820 a number of members withdrew to form the Providence Baptist church in Mote Road. Despite this the Rose Yard chapel was reportedly 'too small' in 1822 with services attended by many who were not actually members. A new chapel was built in King Street with seating for 650, at a cost of £2,049, raised by loans and a £1,000 mortgage. In 1831 a dispute over the admission of non-members to communion led to a further loss of members by secession, and the formation of the Zion chapel in Brewer Street. But this too was soon in crisis, for in 1833 the pastor and 73 members seceded, opening their own Bethel chapel in Union Street the following year. The Brewer Street chapel continued to be used by Baptists for a few years afterwards, but was no longer really viable."

Note: Clearly the other place referred to by W Groser the minister was the Rose Yard meeting-house, indicating that his congregation were Particular Baptists.

Note: William's sons William, Samuel and Joseph were all born while the family were members of the King Street chapel. Joseph's birth was registered by the pastor W Groser in 1834. This is after the 1831 split, so this would suggest that William and Rebecca Day remained faithful to the Particular Baptist congregation.

Ref: ibid page 185
"The nonconformist churches were in a state of flux in the mid- and late nineteenth century. Lady Huntingdon's Connection, A Calvinistic Methodist sect which had only arrived in the town in 1838, had disappeared by 1872, when the Brewer Street chapel it had used was occupied by a congregation described as Presbyterian; this too had gone by 1882. The Week Street congregation returned as Independent in 1851 subsequently became Congregational, and as such opened a second chapel in the West Borough in 1874. Similarly, the members of King Street Baptist church were by 1840 seeking to move beyond their exclusive Baptist beliefs. After appointing as minister the Rev. H.H. Dobney, a non-sectarian, who 'regarded all Christians as brothers', they gradually evolved into a non-denominational church. The Baptist chapels in Union Street and Mote Road continued, but Union Street had become General (Arminian) rather than Particular (Calvinist) in character by the 1890s. That chapel survived financial difficulties and a threatened foreclosure on the chapel mortgage in 1857, and by 1892 membership had increased to such an extent that all seats in the chapel were let and fund-raising was begun for a new chapel on the site of the Bluecoat school. This was finally built in 1907. A third Baptist chapel was opened in Priory Road at about the turn of the century."
5Church of the Latter Day Saints, International Genealogical Index (
Text From Source: International Genealogical Index
6Death Certificate.
Text From Source: GRO death certificate
In possession of Graham Hoadly.
Assessment: Primary evidence.
Text From Source: Death Certificate
Registration district: Maidstone
Sub-district: East Maidstone
County : Kent
When and where died: 25 January 1885 34 Ashford Road USD
Name: William Day
Sex: Male
Age: 77 years
Occupation: Gentleman
Cause of Death: Senile Decay, Bronchitis, 6 Days
Certified by William Bradley Surgeon
Informant: William Day, Son, in attendance, 6 Ashford Road, Maidstone
When registered: 26 January 1885
Registrar: N A Pearson
Family Records Centre, 1 Myddleton Street, LONDON, EC1R 1UW. Tel: 020 8392 5300.

Source: Death Certificate, 17 Rosefield Street, Leamington June 2014 (4)

7Mike Day, "Email from Mike Day to Graham Hoadly". Assessment: Primary evidence.
Text From Source: Probate Registry Index 9 May 1885
Principle ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Day, William, Personal Estate £4,109 12s
The will of William Day of Ashford-road Maidstone in the county of Kent Gentleman who died 25 January 1885 at Ashford-road was proved at the Principal Registry by William Day of Ashford-road Auctioneer and Joseph Day of 23 High-street Maidstone gentleman the sons the executors.