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Family of George IVES and Harriet Elizabeth Virginia DAY

Husband: George IVES (1853-1935)
Wife: Harriet Elizabeth Virginia DAY (1865-1911)
Children: Florence Victoria Vale IVES (1890-1979)
Phyllis Virginia Ann IVES (1893-1971)
Ida Lillian Vale IVES (1895-1983)
George Ernest Laurence IVES (1898-1980)
Marriage 28 Jan 1890 Sydney, NSW, Australia1

Husband: George IVES

Name: George IVES1
Sex: Male
Father: Ferderick IVES ( - )
Mother: -
Birth 1853 England1
Death 3 Dec 1935 (age 81-82)1
Burial Rookwood Cemetery, NSW, Australia1

Wife: Harriet Elizabeth Virginia DAY


Harriet Elizabeth Virginia DAY

Name: Harriet Elizabeth Virginia DAY1
Sex: Female
Father: Caleb DAY (1841-1881)
Mother: Serena VALE (bef1840-1877)
Birth 1865 Geelong, Victoria, Australia1
Death 10 Nov 1911 (age 45-46)1
Cause: Tuberculosis
Burial Rookwood Cemetery, NSW, Australia1

Child 1: Florence Victoria Vale IVES

Name: Florence Victoria Vale IVES1
Sex: Female
Birth 1890 Newtown, NSW, Australia1
Death 1 Aug 1979 (age 88-89)1

Child 2: Phyllis Virginia Ann IVES

Name: Phyllis Virginia Ann IVES1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Alister Keith JOHNSTONE (1892-1977)
Birth 1893 Newtown, NSW, Australia1
Death 12 Nov 1971 (age 77-78)1

Child 3: Ida Lillian Vale IVES

Name: Ida Lillian Vale IVES1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Robert Milroy Walker BOYD (1892-1972)
Birth 1895 Newtown, NSW, Australia1
Death 5 Sep 1983 (age 87-88)1

Child 4: George Ernest Laurence IVES

Name: George Ernest Laurence IVES1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Gladys M. A. SURBEY (1900-1977)
Birth 1898 Newtown, NSW, Australia1
Death 1 Sep 1980 (age 81-82)1


1Tracy Lee Hilder, "Inf supplied to Graham Hoadly by Desma Russell".
This information is from research into her own immediate family by Tracy Lee Hilder, passed on to Desma Russell and forwarded to Graham Hoadly.
Graham has not confirmed the accuracy of the reserarch.
Assessment: Questionable.
Graham Hoadly.