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Family of Robert Stuart BRYDEN and Agatha May Madge STILL

Husband: Robert Stuart BRYDEN ( - )
Wife: Agatha May Madge STILL (1883-1976)
Marriage Q3 1906 St Giles in the Fields, London1

Husband: Robert Stuart BRYDEN

Name: Robert Stuart BRYDEN
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Agatha May Madge STILL


Agatha May Madge STILL


Agatha May Madge STILL


Agatha May Madge STILL

Name: Agatha May Madge STILL2
Sex: Female
Father: George STILL (1840-1922)
Mother: Jane Miriam HILDER (1840?-1900)
Birth 1883 Sheppey, Kent2,3
Census 5 Apr 1891 (age 7) Eastchurch, Kent4
Rayham Farm
Census 31 Mar 1901 (age 17) Hawkhurst, Kent5
Pix Hill [?] Farm
Death 1976 (age 92-93)

Note on Wife: Agatha May Madge STILL

My cousin Madge Still from the Isle of Sheppey came & stayed with me while Mama was away. She was then about sixteen, pretty with fair hair & blue eyes, a crisp & dainty little thing. As I was away teaching or at the Centre all day I don't know what she did but she seemed quite happy. There must have been someone there to look after us all. What I most remember is that every evening except (Saturday) Sunday not only Bernherd came but Harold Bishop, now very gone on Madge. They both stayed to supper & still stayed on. Madge would bring in the clock & wind up the alarm, and still they stayed. Every evening it was the same. We laughed a lot about them. We all three went to see Mama at Worthing. Papa - now called "Parent" Madge & I - we went for the day. And of course nearly lost the train at Woolwich. We got out at Deptford & had to run all the way to the New Cross Station L.B.&S. Coast. Madge could scarcely do it. We just caught the Worthing train luckyly. Mama was staying at a pleasant boarding house in the Steyne. Kept by the Misses Peck - very genteel ladies. taking only two's in shoes. Cousin Ernest also stayed there while Mama was getting better. Very courageous of him as he was the only man, & a shy one too.6


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Bryden Robert St Giles 1b 1292

STILL Agatha Madge St. Giles 1b 1292
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Rayham Farm

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Jane M. Still 51 Kent Herne
Edith F. M. " 20 Kent Eastchurch
Louise G " 18 Kent Eastchurch
William A. J. " 17 Kent Eastchurch
Reginald T. " 13 Kent Eastchurch
Stanley F. " 11 Kent Eastchurch
Stuart S. " 10 Kent Eastchurch
Agathy M. " 7 Kent Eastchurch
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Pix Hill [?] Farm

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Winfred J. " 32 Kent Eastchurch
Edith F. M. " 30 Kent Eastchurch
Louise G " 28 Kent Eastchurch
Stuart S. " 24 Farmer's son Kent Eastchurch
Agatha M. M." 17 Kent Eastchurch
Jane H. Lowden 15 General Servant Domestic Kent Hawkhurst
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To my children. Brian, Maisie and Theodora

The Stills.

Your Father lived all his young days on the banks of one busy river - the Mersey & I your Mother on the banks of another - the Thames - Liverpool & Woolwich. So in a way we had the same kind of outlook - we were town-bred.
This account was sent as a word document to Graham Hoadly by Marion Maud's grandson, Roger Tringham. He had trancribed it from the original in the possesion of his cousin.

He writes:

My Grandmother wrote her account in about 1940, so there may be occasional lapses of memory.
Assessment: Primary evidence.
Graham Hoadly.