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Family of Anthony Jaques MANTLE and Denise Irene DAY

Husband: Anthony Jaques MANTLE (1899-1988)
Wife: Denise Irene DAY (1915-2001)
Children: Michael Anthony MANTLE (1945- )
Sally Virginia MANTLE (1952- )
Marriage 10 Jun 1939

Husband: Anthony Jaques MANTLE


Anthony Jaques MANTLE


Anthony Jaques MANTLE


Anthony Jaques MANTLE


Anthony Jaques MANTLE


Anthony Jaques MANTLE


Anthony Jaques MANTLE

Name: Anthony Jaques MANTLE
Sex: Male
Father: Paul Jaques MANTLE (1876-1968)
Mother: Mabel BEST (1873- )
Birth 17 Dec 1899 Hackney, London1,2
Christening 17 Jun 1900 (age 0) Stoke Newington, London
Saint Michael and All Angels, Stoke Newington Common, Stoke Newington, London
Death 30 Nov 1988 (age 88) Durham2,3,4
Cause: 1i: Acute Heart Failure
Address: 8 Woodside Sacristom

Wife: Denise Irene DAY


Denise Irene DAY


Denise Irene DAY

Name: Denise Irene DAY
Sex: Female
Father: Frederick John DAY ( - )
Mother: Abigail GREENMAN (1872-c. 1924)
Birth 15 Nov 1915
Death 25 Jun 2001 (age 85)

Child 1: Michael Anthony MANTLE

Name: Michael Anthony MANTLE
Sex: Male
Birth 15 Oct 1945

Child 2: Sally Virginia MANTLE


Sally Virginia MANTLE


Spouse: David Lazenby PEARSON

Name: Sally Virginia MANTLE
Sex: Female
Spouse: David Lazenby PEARSON (1949- )
Birth 14 Nov 1952 Bangalore, India

Note on Husband: Anthony Jaques MANTLE (1)

Anthony Jacques Mantle, DFC

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Anthony Jacques Mantle (17th December, 1899 in London — 1988 in Durham City) was a pilot who joined the RNAS in 1917 at the age of 17. He went to France, Italy and later over Turkey (whereupon he was awarded the DFC) whilst stationed in the Greek Islands. His flight career ended when he was forced to land behind enemy lines in Russia and was taken as a prisoner of war for 10 months in Moscow. He was later awarded the DFC for his bravery in action being demobbed.



[edit] Service History

Towards the end of World War I whilst stationed in Malta awaiting demob back to England, Mantle was offered the opportunity to see action on the Caspian Sea. He was stationed inland at Petrofska where he flew the DH-9A aircraft (Dehavilland two seater bi-planes), as part of the British movement to protect oil interests in Baku, Azerbaijan.


Whilst out on ariel reconnaissance with his observer, Harry Ingrams, their plane developed engine trouble and they were forced to crash land on a large island in the Volga Delta. They were unhurt and managed to burn the plane, but were ambushed shortly afterwards by an armed group of locals who took them prisoner. The local Commissar tore up the official documentation offering a reward for their safe return over the border and then organised for a local schoolteacher to act as translator as they were taken to Astrakhan for questioning. He was then by train to Moscow whereupon he spent several weeks in Lubianka prison in the company of other allied prisoners before being moved to Bytereski Prison.


Months later, after the work of an Army chaplain called Frank North, he and several of his companions were taken to the border with Finland and released in part exchange for Bolshevik prisoners.

Note on Husband: Anthony Jaques MANTLE (2)

My parents met in a pub called the

Dulwich House - (nicknamed the 'Dulwich Louse') - which I presume was in Dulwich?? My father had just returned from years spent working in telecommunications in Burma, Hong Kong and Shanghai. He said he once had a telephone thrown at him by Chang Kai Shek's brother in law!

Note on Husband: Anthony Jaques MANTLE (3)

A.J. Mantle's C.V.






BORN: 17th December 1899


ADDRESS: 3 Priory Close,

Spitalfield Lane,




T.N. New Romney 3172




1911-1917 Educated Bancroft's School

Woodford Green, Essex.


1917-1920 In Royal Naval Air Service and Royal Air Force

as pilot serving in Italy, Greece and South Russia.

Demobilised in 1920 (after ten months as prisoner-of-war in Russia) with rank of Flying Officer.


1920-1922 Authorised clerk for A.M. I.S.Swain & Co.

Produce Brokers, Mincing Lane.


1922-24 Financial and sports reporter with the

Exchange Telegraph Company Ltd.,


1924 Joined the Western Electric Cables (now

Standard Telephones & Cables Ltd.) in the

Engineering Inspection Branch for work on

Strowger Automatic Equipment, the manufacture

of which by the firm was then about to commence.

In 1925 was placed in charge of department

testing all larger panels e.g., directors, senders,

coders etc., Transferred to the Apparatus Engineering

Branch in January 1928 for work on Rotary Automatic

System. In April of that year, after a special course on carrier and radio telephone

systems, was appointed Assistant Manager in the Singapore Branch Office.

During the next three years I was concerned with all

aspects of the Company's business, ranging from

negotiating of contracts for all types of products

made by the Company and its associates to engineering

and installation of automatic and manual, main and branch

exchanges, radio (short wave) stations, carrier

telephone, printing telegraph and fire alarm (Gamewell)

systems throughout Malaya and Siam.


1931 Transferred to the China Electric Co.Ltd., (a member

of the Standard Group of Companies) in Shanghai to set

up an organisation for the sale and distribution of

small products, chiefly "American Ever-ready" dry cells,

throughout China. After this organisation was

established and working I was employed on a

wide variety of other work both commercial and

engineering. This included te1ephone surveys and

economic studies, engineering of special telephone s

systems including ultra short wave radio links, the

China Toll scheme etc., In 1936 1 went to Russia

in connection with certain special projects and after

a three month's stay returned to England on leave.


1937 Owing to unsettled conditions in China and the

lapse of the company's special agreement with the

Chinese Government, I was transferred back to

Standard Telephones & Cables Ltd. as commercial

engineer in the new established railway signalling

and communication department. My work here was

concerned with the exploitation of entirely new

systems of railway signalling then being successfully

developed by the Company.


1940 In order to toke a far more active part in the war

effort than then seemed possible at Standard Telephones;

I resigned and Joined the Plessey Company for work on the

Breeze Aircraft wiring syntem.


1942-1946 Served in the Ministry of Aircraft Production

Inter-Services Components Committee, later Ministry

of Supply, as Production Officer and Senior Production



1947 Joined Export Department of Automatic Telephone &

Electric Company Ltd.


1952 Appointed Managing Director of Indian Subsidiary

Company and Director representing A.T.E.Group

interests on Board of Indian Telephone industries.


1957 Transferred to East Africa as Managing Director of

A.T. E.(E.A.) Ltd.,


1959 Transferred to Parent Company as Overseas Manager

(Administration) in Export Department, which position

I still retain.

Note on Wife: Denise Irene DAY

My father was married to Denise Irene Day (15.11.15 - 25.06.01) - she

was the youngest child of Frederick John Day (I think), and she had

one sister and four brothers, and two other siblings who died. Her

mother was born in Derby, and was called Abigail Greenman I think

(she died when my Mum was 9).


Sally Pearson (Nee Mantle)


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ii: Severe Coronary artery atheroma
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ii: Aortic valve stenosis
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