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Family of Philip Jaques MANTLE and Gwendolen WEBB

Husband: Philip Jaques MANTLE (1901-1989)
Wife: Gwendolen WEBB (c. 1905-c. 1998)
Marriage Q3 1930 Kensington, Middlesex1

Husband: Philip Jaques MANTLE


Philip Jaques MANTLE


Philip Jaques MANTLE

Name: Philip Jaques MANTLE
Sex: Male
Father: Paul Jaques MANTLE (1876-1968)
Mother: Mabel BEST (1873- )
Birth 7 Aug 1901 Rochford, Essex2
Death Jul 1989 (age 87) Sedgemoor, Somerset

Wife: Gwendolen WEBB

Name: Gwendolen WEBB
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1905
Death c. 1998 (age 92-93)

Note on Wife: Gwendolen WEBB

Florence Gwendolen Mantle b 3 jan 1907 d. mar 1999 Bristol (92)


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