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Family of Alexander Thomas Hoadly TRELEASE and Olive Caroline WEST

Husband: Alexander Thomas Hoadly TRELEASE (1883-1959)
Wife: Olive Caroline WEST (1882-1961)
Children: Marian Hoadly TRELEASE (1909-1990)
Jessie Wheeler TRELEASE (1911-1973)
Edna Jean TRELEASE (1913-1972)
Marriage 15 Sep 1908 Greeley, Colorado, USA

Husband: Alexander Thomas Hoadly TRELEASE


Alexander Thomas Hoadly TRELEASE


Alexander Thomas Hoadly TRELEASE


Alexander Thomas Hoadly TRELEASE

Name: Alexander Thomas Hoadly TRELEASE
Sex: Male
Father: Richard TRELEASE (1854-1925)
Mother: Jessie HOADLY (1859-1937)
Birth 23 Nov 1883 42 Union Street, Torquay, Devon, England1
Baptism 17 Feb 1884 (age 0) Upton, Devon2
The Parish Church
Education John Roan School, Greenwich
Residence 17 Feb 1884 (age 0) Torquay, Devon2
42 & 43 Union Street, Torquay, Devon
Census 5 Apr 1891 (age 7) Torquay, Devon3
42 Union Street, Torquay, Devon
Emigration 8 Nov 1902 (age 18) from Southampton, Hants to New York, N.Y., USA4
Death 11 Nov 1959 (age 75) San Bernadino, California, USA

Wife: Olive Caroline WEST


Olive Caroline WEST


Olive Caroline WEST

Name: Olive Caroline WEST
Sex: Female
Father: George WEST ( - )
Mother: -
Birth 15 Sep 1882 Greeley, Colorado, USA
Death 3 Feb 1961 (age 78) San Diego, California, USA

Child 1: Marian Hoadly TRELEASE


Marian Hoadly TRELEASE


Marian Hoadly TRELEASE

Name: Marian Hoadly TRELEASE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Harold ROGERS ( - )
Birth 27 Jun 1909 Colorado1
Death 23 Nov 1990 (age 81) San Diego, California, USA1

Child 2: Jessie Wheeler TRELEASE


Jessie Wheeler TRELEASE


Jessie Wheeler TRELEASE

Name: Jessie Wheeler TRELEASE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Dwight Jennings LAMM (1913-1986)
Birth 13 Nov 1911 Pueblo, Colorado, USA1
Death 6 Mar 1973 (age 61) Vancouver, Wa1

Child 3: Edna Jean TRELEASE


Edna Jean TRELEASE, 1963, age 50



Name: Edna Jean TRELEASE
Sex: Female
Spouse: William Henry THURSTON (1910-2000)
Birth 25 Dec 1913 Pueblo, Colorado, USA1
Death 18 Jul 1972 (age 58) Seal Beach, Orange County, California, USA1

Note on Husband: Alexander Thomas Hoadly TRELEASE - shared note

Do you know anything about the notes on Jessie and Thomas ???


I found these writings in my Grandfather.


"Family lived at Honnslow [sic] in summer of 1901. (Suburb of London)" At age 12, (Alex) the family moved to Upper Tooting, near Balham in County of Surrey, only a few miles from London.

Alexander sang in the choir at Trinity Episcopal Church here.

His brother, Richard, sang in the Westminster Abbey choir in London under the direction of Sir Frederick Bridge."


"Moved to the country near Reading to try raising chickens when Jessie Hoadly Trelease came into some money.


"My grandfather, Alec, acted in the Old Globe here in San Diego, at Balboa Park before the company went equity...back in the 1950's. He performed in plays around the city in little community theatres. He sang in the church choir at St Pauls Episcopal Church near Balboa Park.


Alexander Thomas Hoadly Trelease was in the National Guard and was on duty in Telluride and Silverton during some silver mining strikes.

That is where he met my Grandmother, Olive West in 1903. She was a kindergarten teacher in Telluride from 1902 to 1906 and that is how they met.



Found in memory book Alec Trelease made -

Titled "England 1951 to1957"

Note written in his hand states:


This letter and map were used by Mrs. Robinson, Mother of Rev. Robinson, Rector if St Pauls Episcopal Church, San Diego, California, when she visited England and checked up on places in Torquay, Devonshire where I was born in 1883.


San Diego, California Monday Jan 30 1950

Dear Mrs. Robinson, (Map on back of letter)

This map is a rough sketch of the part of Torquay I was familiar with.

42 Union Street was the house I was born in on Nov 23, 1883.

We lived upstairs over the store which at that time was occupied by my Father as a clothing store known as R. Trelease & Co.

Later taken over by Middleton's China store.

Camborne House is the school I went to, it was a private school conducted by two maiden ladies called Misses Henley - long since deceased.

Upton Church: I was baptized in, and also sang in the choir. I was a very small boy then. I think it was damaged in World War II by a German bomb, but I suppose has since been repaired.

If you have time to enter the church, unless it is changed, the chancel is polished marble, and we used to change our shoes and wear ( can't figure word looks like....dust....) slippers when we walked on it, to prevent scratching it.

The ceiling of the chancel was blue with gold stars and the altar beautifully carved stone, as I remember.

The other landmarks I wrote in the map to help you locate the places I mentioned.

(signed) A. H. Trelease

Map...on back...(date: Oct 1951)...notes written on map by Mrs. Robinson By Fleet street to Strand and Harbor she wrote: I did not have time to go inside church but I think the outside very lovely.

Union str now one of busiest street. Busses and people everywhere.


Pencil written note:


I am pleased to have met Mrs. Robinson and am glad to say the old firm is still here.

Mr. Trejale our assistant left last year after 54 years service.

signed: Miss D. Middleton


Under that note Mrs. Robinson wrote:


It was bombed during the war. The number is now 102, not 42. Lovely display of china as well as other household things.


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When baptized: 17 Feb 1884
Child's Christian Name: Alexander Thomas Hoadly
Parents' Christian Names: Richard and Jessie
Parents' Surname: TRELEASE
Abode: 42 & 43 Union Street, Torquay, Devon, Torquay, Devon
Quality, Trade or Profession: Tailor
By whom the ceremony was performed: Cecil M. Hawker - Curate
Born: 23 Nov 1883

Source: Baptism Upton, Devon 17 FEB 1884 Alexander Thomas Hoadly TRELEASE, Baptism Upton, Devon 17 FEB 1884 Alexander Thomas Hoadly TRELEASE


Source: Baptism Upton, Devon 17 FEB 1884 Alexander Thomas Hoadly TRELEASE, uptonchurch

3"Census 1891 (Richard Trelease) Torquay, Devon RG12/1703/?/18" (RG12/1703/?/18).
Text From Source: Richard Trelease Head 35 Cornwall Phillack
Jessie Trelease Wife 31 Surrey Old Kent Road
Alexander Trelease Son 7 Devon Torquay
Richard M Trelease Son 4 Devon Torquay
Mildred G Trelease Dau 3 Devon Torquay
Walter N Hurd Boarder 22 Lincoln Lincoln
Rachel A Z Coy Servant 23 Northampton Woodford
Bessie Roberts Servant 13 Devon Torquay
RG12/1703/?/18. Cit. Date: 5 April 1891. Assessment: Primary evidence.

Source: Census 1891 (Richard Trelease) Torquay, Devon RG12/1703/?/18, Jessie Trelease 91

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Text From Source: Passenger lists leaving UK 1890-1960

Date of departure: 8 November 1902
Port of departure: Southampton
Destination port: New York
Destination country: USA

Date of Birth: 1884 (calculated from age)
Age: 18
Marital Status: Single
Sex: Male
Occupation: Gent
Passenger recorded on: Page 6 of 10


Official Number:
Master's name: John A Broomhead
Steamship Line:
Where bound: New York, USA
Square feet: 10611
Registered tonnage: 4577
Passengers on voyage: 430