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Family of Nelson Albert HILDER and Sarah Ann PENN

Husband: Nelson Albert HILDER (1841?- )
Wife: Sarah Ann PENN (1839- )
Children: Bertha Lavina HILDER (1865-1928)
Lucy Miriam HILDER (1866-1871)
Nelson Hilder HILDER (1867-1874)
Flora Frances HILDER (1871-1945)
Marriage Q2 1863 St Olave1

Husband: Nelson Albert HILDER


Nelson Albert HILDER

Name: Nelson Albert HILDER
Sex: Male
Father: Charles HILDER (1792?-1872)
Mother: Frances HUDSON (1799-1884)
Birth 1841 (cal) Blean, Kent2
Census 30 Mar 1851 (age 9) Herne, Kent3
Westbrook, Herne, Kent
Occupation 30 Mar 1851 (age 9-10) Farmer's son; Herne, Kent3

Wife: Sarah Ann PENN

Name: Sarah Ann PENN4
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Q3 1839 Canterbury, Kent5

Child 1: Bertha Lavina HILDER

Name: Bertha Lavina HILDER6
Sex: Female
Birth Q4 1865 Lambeth, Surrey6
Death 28 Oct 1928 (age 62-63)6

Child 2: Lucy Miriam HILDER

Name: Lucy Miriam HILDER4
Sex: Female
Birth Q4 1866 Lambeth, Surrey4
Death Q2 1871 (age 4) Blean, Kent7

Child 3: Nelson Hilder HILDER

Name: Nelson Hilder HILDER4
Sex: Male
Birth Q4 1867 Lambeth, Surrey4
Death Q4 1874 (age 7) Canterbury, Kent8

Child 4: Flora Frances HILDER

Name: Flora Frances HILDER4
Sex: Female
Spouse: Sidney Joseph MADGE (1874- )
Birth Q1 1871 Blean, Kent9
Death 4 Dec 1945 (age 74)6

Note on Husband: Nelson Albert HILDER

'Uncle Nelson' who you have a photo of, I've been

in touch with his great great grandson and apparently Nelson left his

wife & children and was never heard from again. He was a doctor but

he let his Royal College of Surgeons membership lapse. I just found

his death notice and he died at age 40 in Australia. on the Free BMD site there is a death for a Nelson

Albert Hilder but it isn't the same fellow. I had made that

assumption but my contact told me otherwise. I have Nelson's father

Charles Hilder's will and Charles doesn't mention his son in his

will. Frances Hilder mentions 'any of Nelson's children' as

beneficiaries. Charles was obviously none to pleased with his son at

the time. I'll be sending all the relevant info shortly to fill in

the blanks on your site.


His descendant says that the family lore was that Nelson

disappeared around 1874 I believe, and wasn't heard from again. He

didn't take his family to Australia.10


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