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Family of Arthur VOGEL and Ellen Elizabeth SWEENEY

Husband: Arthur VOGEL (1910-1974)
Wife: Ellen Elizabeth SWEENEY (1910-1963)
Marriage 4 Oct 19311
St.Michael and the Arch angel

Husband: Arthur VOGEL

Name: Arthur VOGEL2
Sex: Male
Nickname: Buller
Father: Henry John VOGEL (1857- )
Mother: Ellen BARRY (c. 1880-1958)
Birth 8 Jul 1910 Rotherhithe, London2
Death 1974 (age 63-64)1

Wife: Ellen Elizabeth SWEENEY

Name: Ellen Elizabeth SWEENEY2
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 20 Jul 1910 Rotherhithe, London1
Death 1963 (age 52-53) Hackney, London1
St.Joseph's Hospice, Hackney, London. E.8


1"Email to Graham Hoadly from Jean Sweeney".
Text From Source: Arthur was my Uncle by marriage, his nick name was buller and he was such a lovely man.
Graham Hoadly.
2Christine Vogel, "Christine Vogel" (Christine's family tree on GenesReunited). Assessment: Secondary evidence.