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Family of John MARSHALL and Annie REMINGTON

Husband: John MARSHALL (1835?-1897)
Wife: Annie REMINGTON (1850?- )
Children: John William MARSHALL (1874- )
James Arthur. MARSHALL (1876- )
Thomas Benjamin MARSHALL (1879- )
Annie Kezia MARSHALL (1882- )
Henry MARSHALL (1884- )
Rose Mary MARSHALL (1887-1927)
Charlotte MARSHALL (1889- )
Marriage Q3 1873 Kingston, Surrey1

Husband: John MARSHALL

Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1835 (cal) Shoe Lane, London
Death May 1897 (age 61-62) Kingston, Surrey2


Sex: Female
Father: William REMINGTON OR RIMINGTON (1816?- )
Mother: Keziah GREGORY (1818-1900)
Birth 1850 (cal) King's Lynn, Norfolk

Child 1: John William MARSHALL

Name: John William MARSHALL
Sex: Male
Birth Q3 1874 Kingston, Surrey3

Child 2: James Arthur. MARSHALL

Name: James Arthur. MARSHALL
Sex: Male
Spouse: Hannah Priscilla CHEESEMAN ( - )
Birth Q4 1876 Kingston, Surrey4

Child 3: Thomas Benjamin MARSHALL

Name: Thomas Benjamin MARSHALL
Sex: Male
Birth Q2 1879 Kingston, Surrey5

Child 4: Annie Kezia MARSHALL

Name: Annie Kezia MARSHALL
Sex: Female
Birth Q2 1882 Kingston, Surrey6

Child 5: Henry MARSHALL

Name: Henry MARSHALL
Sex: Male
Birth Q2 1884 Kingston, Surrey7

Child 6: Rose Mary MARSHALL

Name: Rose Mary MARSHALL
Sex: Female
Spouse: Henry POOL ( - )
Birth Q1 1887 Kingston, Surrey8
Death 11 Nov 1927 (age 40) Kingston, Surrey

Child 7: Charlotte MARSHALL

Name: Charlotte MARSHALL
Sex: Female
Birth Q3 1889 Kingston, Surrey9

Note on Husband: John MARSHALL (1)

Entered as "Totally from Blind childhood" (1891 census) - probably an enumerator's error as this is disputed by his descendants, who state that he actually went blind later in life.

Note on Husband: John MARSHALL (2)

A distant cousin has pointed me in the direction of your website and I thought you might like a little additional information: I'm interested in John Marshall married to Annie Keziah Remington. He was my gt.grandfather, my grandfather being James Arthur Marshall. You cite the 1891 census as showing him 'blind from birth' - in the 1881 he is not shown as disabled, and both that census and his marriage certificate show him (incidentally spelled Marshley - family tradition says he was from France) as a plumber. His date of birth would, from the 1881 census have been 1830. Family tradition confirms that he did go blind, though - and as various members of the family have suffered or do suffer from retinitis pigmentosa we have always assumed that was inherited from him.


With best wishes


Jane Whiter10

Note on Husband: John MARSHALL (3)

I noticed your comments about John Marshall born circa 1836. While John was certainly registered blind by the last census which listed him, he definately went blind later in life rather than was born blind. His occupation is given as master plumber on family marriage certificates and he could not have carried out this profession while blind. You also commented on the absence of a marriage record for John Marshall and Annie Remington. The answer to this links to a family mystery. My grandmother and her sisters and also some of their own children believed John Marshall to be French and to have come to England around the time of the Franco Prussian wars. My grandmother's wedding certicate gives her surname as Marshallee and also listed as witness is her sister Rose Marshallee and her father, who by that time was deceased is named as John Marshallee. However John's surname is given as Marshley when he married Annie Remington. The record is on free bmd as Sept 1873 in Kingston Vol 2A page 391.

My cousin Michael who did a great deal of searching for John Marshall's origins could not trace him other than on his marriage certificate and the census's for 1881 and 1891 when his birthplace was listed as Woolwich and then Shoe lane in the City of London. However he and I think that he could well have been French and have changed his name o n arrival in England which would explain the lack of any records for him before 1873. I wonder if any other Marshall decendents will contact you, it would be really wonderful to solve the mystery. Pat11

Note on Wife: Annie REMINGTON

May be the Sarah Ann Remington - in 1851 census with Keziah



A Possible death - if she wasn't married to John Marshall ... no eveidence of this marriage ... yet!


Deaths Dec 1915 (98%)



Remington Sarah A 65 Greenwich 1d 1300


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