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Family of Benjamin WINCH and Hetty HONEYSETT

Husband: Benjamin WINCH (1763-1848)
Wife: Hetty HONEYSETT ( - )
Children: Elizabeth WINCH (1797- )
William WINCH (1799- )
Mary WINCH (1801-1837)
Jane WINCH (1803-1874)
Harriott WINCH (1805-1884)

Husband: Benjamin WINCH


Benjamin WINCH


Benjamin WINCH

Name: Benjamin WINCH1
Sex: Male
Father: Richard WINCH (1730-1796)
Mother: Ann CAMPANAY (1726-1799)
Birth 17632
Occupation Grocer Shopkeeper3
Death 1848 (age 84-85)2


Name: Hetty HONEYSETT2
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Elizabeth WINCH

Name: Elizabeth WINCH2
Sex: Female
Birth 17972

Child 2: William WINCH

Name: William WINCH2
Sex: Male
Birth 17992

Child 3: Mary WINCH

Name: Mary WINCH2
Sex: Female
Birth 18012
Death 1837 (age 35-36)2

Child 4: Jane WINCH






Spouse: Fossey JENKINS


Spouse: Fossey JENKINS

Name: Jane WINCH2
Sex: Female
Spouse: Fossey JENKINS (1788- )
Birth 17 Jan 18032
Death 18 Aug 1874 (age 71)2

Child 5: Harriott WINCH


Harriott WINCH


Harriott WINCH


Spouse: John Saxelby COBB


Spouse: John Saxelby COBB

Name: Harriott WINCH2
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: John Saxelby COBB ( - )
Spouse 2: Samuel CLEGG ( - )
Birth 5 Jul 18052
Death 3 Jun 1884 (age 78)2

Note on Husband: Benjamin WINCH (1)

The WINCHes were an old-established Kentish family, records of which can be traced back to the end of Elizabeth the First's reign. The family was an extensive one, living around the villages of Hawkhurst and Ticehurst, between Tunbridge Wells and Hastings. Some of them were described in the Kent County Archives as yeomen, others as victuallers.


Benjamin WINCH 1763-1848 was a shopkeeper and grocer in Hawkhurst. He was married twice,


first to Ann WOOD, with children



Benjamin (16.6.1789-) who married Sarah VINEY

Richard (14.7.1792-) who also married


and secondly to Hetty HONEYSETT, having the further children


Elizabeth (1797-)

William (1799-)

Mary (1801-1837)

Jane (17.1.1803 - 18.8.1874)2

Note on Husband: Benjamin WINCH (2)

... on our original tree we have the father of Benjamin W. 1762 / 3 as Benjamin Richard brother of Samuel - lived at Hawkhurst and descended from Sir Hugh Winch whose coat of arms we have. Apparently he was a judge who sent 9 witches to the stake!! But this may be doubtful; instead Natalie's research may well be correct.4

Note on Husband: Benjamin WINCH (3)

Benjamin WINCH – 1763-1848 was also a farmer and landowner – source Colin Battell – who wrote an interesting article about this Benjamin - ‘A Farmer in Georgian Kent’ - see Bygone Kent volume 15 no. 10 – 1994 – published by Meresborough Books, 17 Station Road, Rainham, Kent ME8 7RS.




A cousin of ours has since disovered (2007) in an edition of ‘The Times’ that this Benjamin went bankrupt in 1821 – see the following:-




(notes in italics by Pauline Winch)


In 1821 it was reported in the London Gazette that a Commission of bankruptcy was, on the 24th of November 1821, awarded and issued forth against Benjamin Winch the elder (1762-1848) of Hawkhurst, Farmer, Dealer and Chapman (lately carrying on the trade of Grocer, Draper and Worsted Manufacturer) and will sit on 19th April at the court of Bankruptcy in Basinghall Street in the city of London to make a financial dividend of the estate and effects of the said Bankrupt. Creditors to be paid on proven debts.




Still in progress in 1828 when the accounts were to be audited.




His son Benjamin who left Hawkhurst in circa 1822, was in the 1841 census a grocer at Strood in Kent. When he moved to London, ( some time before 1835 ) he became a flour factor. (This is William & Ann’s (neè Durrant) brother in law and cousin! 1789-1853 - I also have his birth date as 1783 and 1790!)




The Times 17th June 1822




Freehold Estate at Hawkhurst, acknowledged to be the pleasantest village in Kent


16 miles from the sea. By Messrs Burrell and Sons at Garraways, on Wednesday


June 19th at 12, by order of the Assignees of Mr Benjamin Winch, son and with


consent of the mortgagee.




A valuable Freehold farm called Pix’s Hall in a country abounding with game. Near


The 47th mile stone at Hawkhurst, on the high road leading to Rye. The situation is unrivalled for beauty, richness and extent of scenery.




The estate comprises a good farmhouse, with suitable buildings, several cottages, gardens, orchards and 125 acres rich arable pasture, hop gardens and woodland in a high state of cultivation.




The property may be viewed 14 days preceding the sale by application to Mr Winch


on the premises of whom particulars may be had. Also at Queens Head Hawkhurst


George Battle, Chequers Lamberhurst, Angel Tunbridge, Crown Sevenoaks, of


Mr Fooks ,solicitor Dartford, of Messrs Clutton and Carter solicitors of 48 High St


Southwark, where a plan may be seen, of Messrs Burrell & Sons 5 Throgmorton St and at the place of sale.




The Times 1823


A Benjamin Winch attended a court case against a Mr Honeysett in ?1823 as a character witness.




(Ben was married to Mr Honeysett’s sister Hetty and at that time living in Queenborough, Kent.)4


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Graham Hoadly.
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Text From Source: 2.89 and your ancestor Ann was their second child. (I am a descendant of
Benjamin by his second wife (Ann Wood died 9.11.92 in Hawkhurst). If you are
interested I have details of his ancestors going backseveral generations.
You can find a picture of Benjamin on
Regards John C.
Assessment: Questionable.
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Text From Source: It was Natalie Lerner who put her in touch with me. Do you know Natalie? She lives in Lewes, Sussex and is descended from Ann Wood's & Benjamin Winch's son Richard who married Mary Wilson Graham Evett. She is descended via Henry Winch. But she has traced the Winch tree back another two generations. According to her research:- Benjamin Winch b. 1762 or 1763 (whom you have) - his father was Richard b.1730 in Ticehurst - d.October 28th. 1796 in Hawkhurst - he married Jan 22nd. 1756 in Hawkhurst Ann Campany b. August 7th.1726 - d.Jan 28th. 1799. This Richard Winch was the youngest son of Richard Winch of Ticehurst & Mary Valena - 2nd. wife. I have no dates for the earlier Richard Winch - but Natalie may have by now.
Graham Hoadly.