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Family of Benjamin Stanley COUSINS and Elsie May APPLEGATE

Husband: Benjamin Stanley COUSINS (1902-1978)
Wife: Elsie May APPLEGATE (1897- )
Children: Kenneth COUSINS (1921-1985)
Vernon COUSINS (1927-1997)
Derek COUSINS (1929-1997)

Husband: Benjamin Stanley COUSINS

Name: Benjamin Stanley COUSINS
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 15 Jan 1902 Pontypridd, Wales
Death 1978 (age 75-76)1

Wife: Elsie May APPLEGATE

Name: Elsie May APPLEGATE
Sex: Female
Father: George APPLEGATE (1854?- )
Mother: Rebecca JORDAN (1855?- )
Birth 16 Jan 1897 Pontypridd, Wales2

Child 1: Kenneth COUSINS

Name: Kenneth COUSINS1
Sex: Male
Birth 19211
Death 1985 (age 63-64)1

Child 2: Vernon COUSINS

Name: Vernon COUSINS1
Sex: Male
Birth 19271
Death 1997 (age 69-70)1

Child 3: Derek COUSINS

Name: Derek COUSINS1
Sex: Male
Birth 19291
Death 1997 (age 67-68)1


1"GenesReunited Tree of Jane Cousins".
This material hasn't necessarily been checked by Graham Hoadly, and therefore may be questionalbe.

This information was kindly given to Graham Hoadly by Jane Cousins, and has been taken from her Family Tree on GenesReunited at
The material however has not necessarily been checked by me, and I am therefore unable to vouch for its accuracy. For further information with regard to this Applegate family history, and her sources, please contact Ms Cousins.
Assessment: Questionable.
2"Information from Free Births, Marriages, and Deaths website:" (Internet). Assessment: Secondary evidence.
Text From Source: Births Mar 1897 (>99%)

Applegate Elsie May Pontypridd 11a 581
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