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Family of Cecil Thomas WADLAND and Joyce Hoadly HOADLY

Husband: Cecil Thomas WADLAND (1901-1982)
Wife: Joyce Hoadly HOADLY (1899-1979)
Marriage 31 Aug 1932 Boldmere Church, Warwickshire1

Husband: Cecil Thomas WADLAND

Name: Cecil Thomas WADLAND
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 18 Apr 1901 Banbury, Oxfordshire2
Death Mar 1982 (age 80) Warwick, Warwickshire3

Wife: Joyce Hoadly HOADLY


Joyce Hoadly HOADLY


Joyce Hoadly HOADLY, c. 1905, age 6

Name: Joyce Hoadly HOADLY
Sex: Female
Father: Samuel John HOADLY (1859-1944)
Mother: Annie MALIN (1864-1915)
Birth 26 Jul 1899 Aston, Birmingham, Warwickshire4,5
Census 31 Mar 1901 (age 1) Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire6
"Coppington", Vesey Road, Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire
Death Q4 1979 (age 80) Southam, Warwickshire7

Note on Wife: Joyce Hoadly HOADLY

Notes made by Joyce Hoadly Wadland:


Thinking about my two sisters, neither of them young (I am the youngest), and all they have gone through, I do think it would be difficult to find two more stoic and courageous women of their age.

It was my father's greatest wish to have a SON, to carry the name of HOADLY on, and I am afraid that I was the third girl and a great disappointment, so as my parents were getting on in age, and my mother not strong, they christened me Joyce Hoadly Hoadly, as the next best thing! Perhaps it is a good thing we are not able to choose.

In the dining room of our younger son's farm-house at Woodford there hangs a portrait of the Right Rev. Benjamin Hoadly, Bishop of Winchester in the 19th Century [sic] in all his robes and wig, maybe he [Samuel John Hoadly] had hopes of seeing a son of his rise to be a Bishop, but that was not to be.

The only thing I could do to help him was in his business. He went into the Metal Bedstead trade. He was a man with firm convictions, and one was that wooden bedsteads were unhealthy to sleep on, and refused to convert his ideas however great a loss he had. So I went into the office of Jeffries and Hoadly in Aston Lane Birmingham to do the typing etc.

I remember well some of the old employees there, Tom Matts the foreman, Arthur Walford, head of the iron foundry part, known as bladder of lard as he was quite bald. Minnie Bracknell, painter, Clara Wortley, a little short fat woman who seemed to do all the odd jobs, Jack Price the packer, who twisted straw bands around the metal to prevent it being scratched when sent abroad.

My father was good to his work people, for they stayed with us for many years. I was usually spoken of by them as "Miss Jice". To my father tghey never spoke without calling him "Sir". I know they had great respect for him.

However "hospital beds" coild not keep a wolrks going, and one admired him for the strength of his convictions, and following them and maybe it was as well I was not a son - I could not have changed him at all.

However, I had the satisfaction of knowing I had done the best I could to help him,

In 1932 I married a farmer, Cecil Thomas Wadland of Wormleighton, and we had five grandsons and one grandaughter.

Our two sons married into farming families, all keen farmers and doing well in their seperate ways.

The moral of this story is "be content with your lot not hankering for what you cannot have." taking as your example Ruth Malin Hare and Margaret Isabel Hoadly, both of them courageous women making the very best of their lives, to the admiration of everyone who knows them and loves them.


Written by Joyce Hoadly Wadland (not for publication) but to the honour of her two elder sisters.


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