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Family of ? MURPHY and Ivy Gladys KING

Husband: ? MURPHY ( - )
Wife: Ivy Gladys KING (1892- )

Husband: ? MURPHY

Name: ? MURPHY1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Ivy Gladys KING

Name: Ivy Gladys KING1
Sex: Female
Father: William Nelson KING (1849-1901)
Mother: Selina READ (1861- )
Birth 1892


1"Fanny Bensted Document".
Fanny Bensted died without
any children or a will in 1947 and the law firm handling her estate
of 10,000 pounds (265,000 pounds in todays money) spent 2 1/2 years
tracing cousins to dole out the money to. The law firm created a