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Family of James STEWART and Edie Henrietta TILL

Husband: James STEWART ( - )
Wife: Edie Henrietta TILL (1872- )

Husband: James STEWART

Name: James STEWART1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Edie Henrietta TILL

Name: Edie Henrietta TILL2
Sex: Female
Father: Alexander TILL (1826-1876)
Mother: Mary Rachel HILDER (1829?-1878)
Birth Q3 1872 Sheppey, Kent2,3
Death "1950s"1

Note on Wife: Edie Henrietta TILL

The youngest sister of Elizabeth, Edie Henrietta died in the 1950's and left several items to my dad's parents.? I now have an Egyptian tapestry that came from 'Aunt Edie'.? It's from the late 1800's and was made for the tourist market in Egypt.1


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Till Edie Henrietta Sheppey 2a 791
Internet. Call Number: (electronic).