Family of John BARTON and Mary EITOVEN

Husband: John BARTON ( - )
Wife: Mary EITOVEN ( - )
Children: John EITOVEN (1809-1842)

Husband: John BARTON

Name: John BARTON1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Mary EITOVEN

Name: Mary EITOVEN1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: John EITOVEN

Name: John EITOVEN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Matilda PIPES (c. 1817-1890)
Birth 1809 Lockington, Leicestershire1
Christening 19 Feb 1809 (age 0)1
Occupation Boatman2
Death 1842 (age 32-33) Lockington, Leicestershire1
Occupation 23 Sep 1860 (age 50-51) Boatman3

Note on Wife: Mary EITOVEN

These are some notes made by Gill Hart with regard to whether her family (she descends from Robert and Sarah Eitoven) connects with my Smith family. Unfortunately it is very difficult to be definite, so we will make the assumption as a likely possibility until further evidence confirms or refutes the connection.


"I have the parish registers for Lockington and decided to have another look at them following our previous correspondence to see if I could link up the various Marys. We have 3 possibles:


1) Mary, the mother of John Eitoven born in 1809 in Lockington (Mary 1)

2) Mary who married James Winfield in 1813 in Lockington (Mary 2)

3) Mary, the daughter of William and Mary Eitoven baptised in 1777 in Stamford Baron St Martin (Mary 3)


Mary 2 was born around 1781/82 according to the 1841 and 1851 censuses and also the burial register in Castle Donington. I would assume that Mary 1 was at least 20 when she had John making her born around 1789 or earlier. Of the 9 children of John Eitoven and Mary Simkin, only William, Thomas and Robert were still alive in the 1780s. I believe William was in Stamford, Thomas was married but doesn't appear to be living in Lockington or nearby, which leaves Robert (my 5xg-grandfather) as the only Eitoven in Lockington having children.


Robert was married 3 times, firstly to Hannah Hutchinson who died in 1774, secondly to Sarah Miller who died in 1781 and lastly to Catherine Drakefield (my 5xg-grandmother). Based on the dates that I can find, I think Mary 2 was probably the daughter of Robert and Sarah and that Sarah died in childbirth or shortly afterwards and for some reason Robert didn't get Mary 2 baptised. There is no baptism record for her in Lockington, Kegworth or Castle Donington that I can find. I also think that Mary 1 and Mary 2 are probably the same person as there are no other Mary Eitovens in Lockington or the surrounding villages. Unfortunately I can't prove any of this as it is based on guesswork and what info I can glean from the registers. There is also a Sarah Eitoven who does not appear to have been baptised but is a witness to both Mary 2 and John Eitoven's (my 4xggf) marriages. I think she is John's sister based on a possible birthdate from the 1841 census but again, can't prove this conclusively. Unfortunately she died in 1845 so I can't use the 1851 census to prove her birth place but she was living with two of John's children in 1841.


I have decided to attach Mary 1/Mary 2 to the family of Robert and Sarah Eitoven with a note regarding my assumptions. I may find out later that these are wrong but then again, we may never know the full story." [Gill Hart]


1"Email to Graham Hoadly from Gill Parker".
Text From Source: Hi Graham,

Well, the Eitoven's are a tricky bunch - I haven't yet worked out how Ann is related to me but I'm sure that she is as there is only one family of Eitoven's in England at that time.

I first found them in Lockington around 1700 and this is where my direct line originates as you will see from my tree.

Your Ann was John and Matilda Eitoven's daughter as I've already said. She was born on Jul 19th 1839 and baptised on Aug 18th 1839, both at Willington. I know she married Arthur Smith and I've traced the family through the census records. She had a brother called George born on Mar 6 1842 who moved to London, married a lady called Caroline Donovan and had 5 children. George died in 1906, Caroline in 1907. Their son George had a son also called George in 1908 and then the trail goes cold.

Ann's father was called John Eitoven and his mother was Mary Eitoven. John was baptised on Feb 19th 1809 in Lockington and he was buried on Dec 31st 1842 also in Lockington. No father mentioned although on his marriage cert to Matilda he stated that his father was John Barton but I don't know how true this is.

Anyway, to get back to the point, I haven't tied Mary (mother of John) back to the main family yet - she may be the daughter of William and Mary Eitoven baptised in 1777 in Stamford Baron St Martin - I believe William to be the son of John and Mary Eitoven who were my 6xg-grandparents but I don't know why he ended up in Northamptonshire yet.

There is also a Mary Eitoven who married James Winfield in Lockington in 1813 and was born around 1782 - she may be the same Mary as the mother of your John but again I can't find the proof - my gut feel is that these Marys are all the same person but I just can't find the link - so frustrating!!

So you see (if I haven't lost you with all the Marys, Johns and Georges) I'm sure we are connected but I haven't managed to prove all the links yet - any ideas will be gratefully received..

Graham Hoadly.
2St Philip's Cathedral Church, Birmingham, Parish registers (Microfilm).
Text From Source: St Philip's Cathedral Church, Birmingham, Parish registers.
Birmingham City Archives, Floor 7, Central Library, Chamberlain Square, Birmingham, B3 3HQ. Tel: 0121 303 4217.
3"Marriage Birmingham, Warwickshire (St Philip's Church, Birmingham, Warwickshire) 23 Sep 1860 Arthur SMITH & Ann EITOVEN" (82).
Text From Source: 1860, Marriage solemnized at St Philip's Church, Birmingham, Warwickshire in the Parish of Birmingham in the County of
Marriage No: 82
When Married: 23 Sep 1860
Name and Surname: Arthur SMITH and Ann EITOVEN
Age: 22 and 21
Condition: Bachelor and Spinster
Rank or Profession: Silversmith and -
Residence at the time of Marriage: New Church Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire, Birmingham, Warwickshire and New Church Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire, Birmingham, Warwickshire
Father's Name and Surname: John SMITH and John EITOVEN
Rank or Profession of Father: Coachman and Boatman
Married in the church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church, After Banns by me, Joseph Ray.
This Marriage was solemnized between us, Arthur SMITH and Ann EITOVEN
in the Presence of us, Witnesses: Jane SMITH, John HARRIS

Source: Marriage Birmingham, Warwickshire (St Philip's Church, Birmingham, Warwickshire) 23 Sep 1860 Arthur SMITH & Ann EITOVEN, Marriage Birmingham, Warwickshire (St Philip's Church, Birmingham, Warwickshire) 23 Sep 1860 Arthur SMITH & Ann EITOVEN