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Family of Sarah BAWDEN

Husband: (unknown)
Wife: Sarah BAWDEN (1839-1912)
Children: Lewis Floyd (BAWDEN) WILLICOME (1862- )
Sarah ANN WILLICOME (c. 1865- )
Jane WILLICOME (1869-1952)
Caroline WILLICOME (1871- )
Mary Elizabeth WILLICOME (1874- )
Thomas John WILLICOME (1876- )

Wife: Sarah BAWDEN

Name: Sarah BAWDEN
Sex: Female
Father: John BAWDEN (1812?-1886)
Mother: Prudence ? (1815?-1891)
Birth Q3 1839 Westonzoyland, Somerset1,2
Death Q1 1912 (age 72) Cardiff, Wales

Child 1: Lewis Floyd (BAWDEN) WILLICOME

Name: Lewis Floyd (BAWDEN) WILLICOME1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Fanny LYLE (1867- )
Birth 6 Feb 1862 Chepstow, Monmouth1

Child 2: Sarah ANN WILLICOME

Sex: Female
Birth c. 18651

Child 3: Jane WILLICOME





Sex: Female
Spouse: Thomas William JACKETT (1862-1944)
Birth 1869 Chepstow, Monmouth
Death Q2 1952 (age 82-83) Cardiff, Wales

Child 4: Caroline WILLICOME

Name: Caroline WILLICOME3
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles MILLS ( - )
Birth Q4 1871 Chepstow, Monmouth4

Child 5: Mary Elizabeth WILLICOME

Name: Mary Elizabeth WILLICOME3
Sex: Female
Spouse: John HARPER ( - )
Birth Q3 1874 Chepstow, Monmouth5

Child 6: Thomas John WILLICOME

Name: Thomas John WILLICOME3
Sex: Male
Birth Q4 1876 Chepstow, Monmouth6


1"Email from Sheila Richmond (Willicome)".
Text From Source: I have come across your family tree of Thomas William Jackett and Jane

Jane was a sister to my great-grandfather, Lewis Willicome.

Their mother was Sarah Bawden b. abt. 1840 in Westonzoyland, Somerset. The
family moved to Wales were Sarah had three children:
Lewis b. 1862
Sarah Ann b. abt. 1865
Jane b. abt. 1869

Sarah then married John Willicome in 1870.

In the 1871 census it shows Lewis, Sarah, and Jane as step children to the
head of household.

In the 1881 census Lewis, Sarah, and Jane had taken the Willicome name.

I have Lewis Willicome's birth certificate and the name of the father is not
entered. I am assuming the same with Sarah and Jane. Their certificates
would have to be order in to be certain.

I have the same picture of Jane Willicome as you have. It came from my
grandmother's album.

I also have the same picture of Agnes Jackett but the picture of William G.
Walkley I have as Thomas William Jackett. I may be wrong as my cousin had
sat down with my grandmother years ago and had written out the names and
when my grandmother passed away the pictures were copied and mistakes may
have been made.
Sheila is the G Grandaughter of Lewis Willicome.
Graham Hoadly.
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Text From Source: Births Sep 1839 (>99%)

Bawden Sarah Bridgwater 10 309
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3"Email to Graham Hoadly from Jack Willicome".
Text From Source: I am John Lewis Willicome, son of, Lewis Arthur Willicome, who was the son
of Lewis Floyd Willicome, who was born as Lewis Floyd Bawden to Sarah Bawden
who married John Willicome 21 November 1870 at Chepstow, Herefordshire,

Lewis Floyd Bawden later TOOK the name of Lewis Willicome. This I know from
letters between him and the Canadian Gov't when he applied for pension.

Lewis Floyd (Bawden) Willicome has 5 other siblings that we record here from
personal knowledge. I have Lewis Floyds Bawden birth certificate. He was
born 6 February 1862 at Chepstow, Herefordshire, England.On the certificate
of birth no fathers name is listed.

His siblings are listed as follows:

Sarah A Bawden, born about 1865 at Chepstow.
Jane Bawden, born about 1869 at Chepstow
Bessy (Elizabeth) Willicome
Carrie (Caroline) Willicome
Thomas John Willicome

According to my information Jane married a Jackett.
Bessy married a Harper
Carrie married a Mills
My grandfather Lewis Floyd married Fanny Lyle who was born in Barnstaple,

I have pictures from an old family album brought to Canada when they (Lewis
and Fanny ) moved to Fort Steele, British Columbia, Canada in June of 1912.

Among my pictures is a couple of pictures which show a Mabel Jackett and and
also a Will Jackett.

It is our belief that John Willicome, who married Sarah Bawden was married
prior to his marriage to Sarah Bawden. This a very confusing family and
unfortunately none of my parents and grandparents or aunts and uncles are
now alive to question.
Graham Hoadly.
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