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Family of Henry HAWTHORN and Ann Rouse SUMMERSBEE

Husband: Henry HAWTHORN (1846- )
Wife: Ann Rouse SUMMERSBEE (1844- )
Marriage Q2 1879 London, Middlesex1,2

Husband: Henry HAWTHORN

Name: Henry HAWTHORN1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Q4 1846 Doncaster, South Yorkshire1,3

Wife: Ann Rouse SUMMERSBEE

Name: Ann Rouse SUMMERSBEE
Sex: Female
Father: Henry SUMMERSBEE (1818-1879)
Mother: Lucy ? (1815- )
Birth 1844

Note on Husband: Henry HAWTHORN

Benny Hill's (the Comedian) step Great Grandfather1

Note on Wife: Ann Rouse SUMMERSBEE

Benny Hill's (the Comedian) Great Grandparents All information relating to the family of Alfred Hawthorn Hill (Benny Hill) was given to Graham Hoadly by his cousin Sue Grady - who had it from the original research of Teresa Hill. Graham has endeavoured to qualify the material using GRO Parish Register and Census sources.1


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Hawthorn Henry London C. 1c 23
MANDRELL Anne Rouse London C. 1c 23
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Hawthorn Henry Doncaster 22 93