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Family of Howard James WINCH and Betty Christine NOTTON

Husband: Howard James WINCH (1877-1964)
Wife: Betty Christine NOTTON (1912-2006)
Marriage Q4 1943 Totnes, Devon1

Husband: Howard James WINCH

Name: Howard James WINCH2
Sex: Male
Father: Benjamin WINCH (1836-1904)
Mother: Jane FULLER (1835?- )
Birth 14 Mar 1877 Epping, Essex
Death 1964 (age 87) West Mersea, Essex3

Wife: Betty Christine NOTTON

Name: Betty Christine NOTTON3
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 2 Jan 1912 Sydney, NSW, Australia3
Death 28 Feb 2006 (age 94) Colchester, Essex3


1"FreeBMD Website" ( Assessment: Secondary evidence.
Text From Source: Marriages Dec 1943 (>99%)

Notton Betty C Winch Totnes 5b 430
Williams Betty C Winch Totnes 5b 430
Winch Howard J Williams Totnes 5b 430
Winch Howard J Notton Totnes 5b 430
2Richard Winch, "Email to Graham Hoadly from Richard Winch".
Text From Source: Dear Graham,

It seems we're not directly related but just so you can see how I fit into the family tree you so kindly sent me, here's my relationship:

My father was Howard James Winch (born in 1877 - I was the last of his children and was born when he was 71)! He was the 2nd youngest of 9 children.

His father was Benjamin Winch who died in 1903- I worked out that he, my grandfather, was born in the reign of William 4th! Benjamin was the youngest of 8 children.

Benjamin was the son of Benjamin who married Sarah Viney (spelled Viny on my copy of the family tree) This is the Benjamin who appears on the family tree you sent.- I've found a discrepancy with his birthdate; I have 1783 although your tree says 1789, but I didn't do the research on my tree, so what the true date is I don't know).
3Pauline Winch, "Email to Graham Hoadly form Pauline Winch".
Text From Source: It was Natalie Lerner who put her in touch with me. Do you know Natalie? She lives in Lewes, Sussex and is descended from Ann Wood's & Benjamin Winch's son Richard who married Mary Wilson Graham Evett. She is descended via Henry Winch. But she has traced the Winch tree back another two generations. According to her research:- Benjamin Winch b. 1762 or 1763 (whom you have) - his father was Richard b.1730 in Ticehurst - d.October 28th. 1796 in Hawkhurst - he married Jan 22nd. 1756 in Hawkhurst Ann Campany b. August 7th.1726 - d.Jan 28th. 1799. This Richard Winch was the youngest son of Richard Winch of Ticehurst & Mary Valena - 2nd. wife. I have no dates for the earlier Richard Winch - but Natalie may have by now.
Graham Hoadly.