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Family of John Samuel COBB and Annie ?

Husband: John Samuel COBB (1839-1871)
Wife: Annie ? ( - )
Children: Emily COBB ( - )
Herbert COBB ( - )
Harriott COBB ( - )

Husband: John Samuel COBB


John Samuel COBB


John Samuel COBB

Name: John Samuel COBB1
Sex: Male
Father: John Saxelby COBB ( - )
Mother: Harriott WINCH (1805-1884)
Birth 8 Nov 18391
Death 7 Jul 1871 (age 31)1

Wife: Annie ?

Name: Annie ?1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Emily COBB

Name: Emily COBB1
Sex: Female

Child 2: Herbert COBB


Herbert COBB


Herbert COBB

Name: Herbert COBB1
Sex: Male

Child 3: Harriott COBB

Name: Harriott COBB1
Sex: Female

Note on Husband: John Samuel COBB

Sam was a customs officer. Close to his sister Mary, and their two families often visited each other after her marriage. He married Annie, and they lived in Bow (London). They had 3 children:

Emily (died as infant)


Herbert (Bertie), who married and had 2 children1


1John Cobb, "Email to Graham Hoadly from John Cobb".
Text From Source: 2.89 and your ancestor Ann was their second child. (I am a descendant of
Benjamin by his second wife (Ann Wood died 9.11.92 in Hawkhurst). If you are
interested I have details of his ancestors going backseveral generations.
You can find a picture of Benjamin on
Regards John C.
Assessment: Questionable.
Graham Hoadly.