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Family of John HEARNSHAW and Mary COBB

Husband: John HEARNSHAW (1818-1909)
Wife: Mary COBB (1830-1881)
Marriage 18 Aug 18681

Husband: John HEARNSHAW





Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 6 Jan 18182
Death 15 Jul 1909 (age 91)

Wife: Mary COBB



Name: Mary COBB1
Sex: Female
Father: John Saxelby COBB ( - )
Mother: Harriott WINCH (1805-1884)
Birth 20 Feb 1830 Strood, Kent1
Death 8 Mar 1881 (age 51)1

Note on Wife: Mary COBB

Excellent scholar, musician, needlewoman; spoke several languages fluently.

Before marriage, ran a large girls' boarding school in Gravesend. In 1859, this was at Oak Cottage, The Grove; in 1867 at 4 Woodville Terrace, Wrotham Road; her widowed mother helped with the boarders. By the latter date, she was collaborating with Rosa Dyer, who continued to run the school after Mary left in 1868.


After marriage was mainly occupied with affairs relating to the church. However, she often visited or was visited by relations, particularly her aunt Jane, her mother, uncle Charles COBB, favourite brother Sam COBB, and stepson Ernest HEARNSHAW. Was seriously ill for some time after the birth in 1873, also after the sudden death of their maid.


Died and buried in Walsall.

Two of her four children survived birth.


Fossey John Cobb (31.7.1869-10.3.1946)

a twin of Fossey's died at birth.


Mary Amelia Cobb (Millie) (25.8.1871-26.5.1916)

A third son was born in May 1873, but died shortly after birth.1


1John Cobb, "Email to Graham Hoadly from John Cobb".
Text From Source: 2.89 and your ancestor Ann was their second child. (I am a descendant of
Benjamin by his second wife (Ann Wood died 9.11.92 in Hawkhurst). If you are
interested I have details of his ancestors going backseveral generations.
You can find a picture of Benjamin on
Regards John C.
Assessment: Questionable.
Graham Hoadly.