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Family of Henry James GREGG and Mary BLOODWORTH

Husband: Henry James GREGG (1829?- )
Wife: Mary BLOODWORTH (1835?- )
Children: Harry GREGG (1854- )
John GREGG (1856?- )
Frederick GREGG (1858?- )
Marriage 14 Nov 1853 Liverpool, Lancs.1
The Register Office, Liverpool, Lancashire

Husband: Henry James GREGG

Name: Henry James GREGG2
Sex: Male
Father: John GREGG ( - )
Mother: -
Birth 1829 (cal) Acton, Middlesex
Occupation Gold Beater2


Sex: Female
Father: Henry James BLOODWORTH (1804?- )
Mother: Cecilia ? (1801-1876)
Birth 1835 (cal) Lambeth, Surrey

Child 1: Harry GREGG

Name: Harry GREGG
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth Sophia BLOODWORTH (1853-1894)
Birth 25 Oct 1854 Lambeth, Surrey3
Occupation Dairyman4

Child 2: John GREGG

Name: John GREGG
Sex: Male
Birth 1856 (cal)

Child 3: Frederick GREGG

Name: Frederick GREGG
Sex: Male
Birth 1858 (est)


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1853 The Register Office, Liverpool

14.11.1853 Henry James Gregg, 24 years, bachelor, gold beater of Renshaw Street, Liverpool (father John Gregg, gold beater)

To Mary Bloodworth, 18 years, spinster, of Williamson Square, Liverpool (father Henry James Bloodworth, potter)

In the presence of: Anthony Mackenzie, James Hollaway and Frederic Hoill?
St Catherine's House.
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Gregg Harry Lambeth 1d 256
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