Family of Richard WINCH and Mary VALLANCE

Husband: Richard WINCH ( -1731)
Wife: Mary VALLANCE ( - )
Children: Richard WINCH (1730-1796)

Husband: Richard WINCH

Name: Richard WINCH1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Death 17312


Name: Mary VALLANCE1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Richard WINCH

Name: Richard WINCH1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ann CAMPANAY (1726-1799)
Birth 1730 Ticehurst, East Sussex1
Death 28 Oct 1796 (age 65-66) Hawkhurst, Kent1

Note on Husband: Richard WINCH

Richard Winch of Ticehurst.



You might like to know a bit more about Richard. As you know he was had up for a Bastardy bond. The dates are a bit tricky but I found that he married Mary Vallance soon after this so the children mentioned in the will are legitimate except for William . He mentions Elizabeth Mary and William in the will, but I have not been able to find a birth for Elizabeth but Mary married John Reed in Hawkhurst in 1753. and Richard Ann Campany in Hawkhurst. I spent a lot of time proving that this Richard was the son Of Richard Winch of Ticehurst and Mary Valence;Ticehurst and Hawkhurst are contiguous parishes, although in different counties, Sussex and Kent. I could perhaps send you my argument.

After Richard died, 1731. Mary Valence was left a small property in Smarden ,Kent. which on her death would go to William. William died before his mother, so Richard 2 got the property. She married again meanwhile to Thomas Cooper in Dallington ,Sussex, and had two more children. She is buried in Hawkhurst, though I have not found the grave, and am now unlikely to be able to go and look. Peter Winch who lives in Hawkhurst has identified the stone and says that it is the right hand side of a double stone. The other side being, presumably, her husband; who did predecease her. The stone is near the east end of the church near that of Elizabeth Leney, who was the first wife of Richard Winch . This Richard was the eldest son of Richard 1 and Ann

Campany. This Richard long outlived his former wife and died in Maidstone in 1850 just before the census .His son , another Richard, died before his father. He is remembered on Elizabeth Leney's Stone.

I am descended from Richard1'son Benjamin and Ann Wood.

I would like to have known Mary Valence. She must have been a feisty girl to bring the charge of the Bastardy. William was baptized in Goudhurst with just his mother's name. Presumably she was born there as well, but I cannot find her birth. She was quite young when she married Richard1 .and he was well up in his sixties. He was a prominent citizen of Ticehurst, having been a church warden himself. Lewes holds the records for the poor rate for Ticehurst..Mary brought up her 3 chil;dren by herself until she married Thomas Cooper and Richard2 was able to become the tenant of the large farm called Glassenbury. This was and still is part of the estate of the Roberts family. It is between Hawkhurst and Cranbrook. The records of this estate are held in Maidstone the Centre for Kentish studies.2


1Pauline Winch, "Email to Graham Hoadly form Pauline Winch".
Text From Source: It was Natalie Lerner who put her in touch with me. Do you know Natalie? She lives in Lewes, Sussex and is descended from Ann Wood's & Benjamin Winch's son Richard who married Mary Wilson Graham Evett. She is descended via Henry Winch. But she has traced the Winch tree back another two generations. According to her research:- Benjamin Winch b. 1762 or 1763 (whom you have) - his father was Richard b.1730 in Ticehurst - d.October 28th. 1796 in Hawkhurst - he married Jan 22nd. 1756 in Hawkhurst Ann Campany b. August 7th.1726 - d.Jan 28th. 1799. This Richard Winch was the youngest son of Richard Winch of Ticehurst & Mary Valena - 2nd. wife. I have no dates for the earlier Richard Winch - but Natalie may have by now.
Graham Hoadly.
2Natalie Lerner, "Email to Dr. Richard Golin from Natalie Lerner".