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Family of Thomas MARTIN and Hannah OLROG

Husband: Thomas MARTIN (1878-1919)
Wife: Hannah OLROG (1880- )
Children: Thomas James MARTIN (1904-1961)
Marriage Q4 1902 Poplar, London1

Husband: Thomas MARTIN

Name: Thomas MARTIN1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: Louisa TOTT (1849-1916)
Birth Q4 1878 Poplar, London1
Death 1919 (age 40-41)1

Wife: Hannah OLROG

Name: Hannah OLROG1
Sex: Female
Father: William James OLROG (1855- )
Mother: Mary Ann ? (1859?- )
Birth 1 Jun 1880 St Geo East1,2

Child 1: Thomas James MARTIN

Name: Thomas James MARTIN1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth Florence May WRIGHT (1904-1972)
Birth 4 Oct 1904 Poplar, London1
Occupation Gas Stoker3
Death 1961 (age 56-57) Dagenham, Essex1


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OLROG Hannah St. Geo. East 1c 374
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