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Family of Charles LANGLEY and Lilian CHEESEMAN

Husband: Charles LANGLEY (1885-1984)
Wife: Lilian CHEESEMAN (1888-1931)
Children: Charles Henry LANGLEY (1905-1997)

Husband: Charles LANGLEY

Name: Charles LANGLEY1
Sex: Male
Father: Henry LANGLEY (1837- )
Mother: Ellen MOORE (1860-1937)
Birth 15 Dec 1885 Croydon Surrey1
Death 1984 (age 98-99) Epsom, Surrey1

Wife: Lilian CHEESEMAN

Name: Lilian CHEESEMAN1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 20 Nov 1888 Hackbridge Surrey1
Death 1931 (age 42-43)1

Child 1: Charles Henry LANGLEY

Name: Charles Henry LANGLEY1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Amy Elizabeth WALKER (1907-1979)
Birth 25 Oct 1905 Hackbridge Surrey1
Death 30 Jan 1997 (age 91) Hackbridge Surrey1


1Sandra Jones, "Sandra Jones GenesReunited Family Tree".
I have not necessarily checked all sources for this information therefore it may be questionable.
Assessment: Questionable.