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Family of David HALE and Susan BAXTER

Husband: David HALE (1831-1894)
Wife: Susan BAXTER (c. 1833-1869)
Children: David Harry HALE (c. 1855-1902)
William HALE (1857- )
Susan HALE (1858- )
James HALE (1860?- )
Joseph HALE (1862- )
Thomas Browning HALE (1864- )
Marriage 30 Oct 1854 Rotherhithe, London1,2

Husband: David HALE

Name: David HALE1
Sex: Male
Father: David HALE (bef1806-1842)
Mother: Charlotte ASHFORD ( - )
Birth 29 Nov 1831 South Mimms, Hertfordshire1
Occupation Contractor / General Carman
Death 11 Feb 1894 (age 62) Camberwell, Surrey1
Cause: Accident. Compression of the Brain caused by falling out of a cart.
Address: Ebenezer Cottage, Back-lane, Asylum Road, Peckham, Camberwell, Surrey
From a newspaper cutting in the possession of Mrs. Susan Leggett:

South London Observer Camberwell and Peckham Times

Dated Saturday 17th February 1894


On Wednesday afternoon Mr. G. P. Wyatt, the Coroner for Camberwell, held an inquest at the George and Dragon, Peckham, on a body of David Hale, aged 62 years, a carman lately living at Ebenezer Cottage, Back-lane, Asylum Road, who was met with a sad death.
Elizabeth Hale, the widow, identified the body, and said that last Saturday evening deceased left home to serve some of his customers with sawdust. Shortly after 10 o'clock the same night she was informed by a neighbour that deceased had been thrown from his pony-trap down the street. Witness went to ascertain the facts of the case, and found deceased being carried home by some men. He was quite unconscious, in which state he remained until his death, which took place about 20 minutes past eight o'clock the following morning. He was quite sober when he left home.
William Ambridge, potman at the Queen Elizabeth, Asylum Road, stated that deceased was in the above house at eight o'clock that night. He (deceased) was then perfectly sober. Some two hours later witness was in Jervis-street, which is close by, and saw deceased, who had just turned the corner, standing up in the trap. The pony suddenly bolted and threw deceased backwards. Witness ran up and prevented deceased from falling out of the back of the vehicle. Almost immediately afterwards deceased stooped down to reach the reins, and pitched over the side of the trap into the road, his head striking the kerb with great force. He was picked up, and, with assistance, carried indoors. A medical man was at once sent for. Deceased never spoke after he fell. The pony was eventually stopped some distance up the street.
Dr. W. F. Godwin, of 89, Asylum Road, stated that when he arrived deceased was perfectly unconscious. Witness visited him several times, but he gradually sank, and expired as above stated. Deceased had a severe scalp wound three inches long. Death was due to either a fractured skull or a rupture of an artery on the brain, consequent upon the fall.
The jury returned a verdict of "Accidental death".

Wife: Susan BAXTER

Name: Susan BAXTER1
Sex: Female
Father: James BAXTER ( - )
Mother: Catherine ? ( - )
Birth c. 1833 North Cove, Suffolk1,3
Death 4 Oct 1869 (age 35-36) Newington, Surrey1

Child 1: David Harry HALE

Name: David Harry HALE1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Alice Eliza QUINTON (1860- )
Birth c. 1855
Occupation Carman
Death 17 Nov 1902 (age 47) Walworth, Surrey1
Cause: Congestion of Lungs. Syncope. P.M.
Address: 89 Smyrks Road, Walworth, Surrey
From a newspaper cutting in the possession of Mrs. Susan Leggett:

Southwark & Bermondsey Recorder and South London Gazette

Issue: Saturday, 22nd November 1902, Page 5, column 6.


The Coroners have been engaged with the following cases during the week:-


On Monday, at the Newington Coroner's Court, Mr. G. P. Wyatt, coroner, held an inquest on the body of Harry Hale, aged 52 years, an engineer's labourer, lately living at 89 Smyrks Road, Walworth. - Edward Hale, a son, said that deceased enjoyed good health, with the exception of a bad cough. He had not been medically treated for the last three months. He appeared as usual when he retired to bed on Sunday night. The following morning, when witness, who slept with deceased, woke, he discovered him dead by his side. - Dr. Wm. Ashby, of 278 Old Kent Road, stated that he was called in and pronounced life extinct. He saw nothing to account for death, and had subsequently made a post-mortem examination of the body, and found the lungs acutely congested. The immediate cause of death was syncope. Witness was informed that deceased had just been served with a County Court summons which worried him a great deal. This, in witness's opinion, might have accelerated his death.

Child 2: William HALE

Name: William HALE
Sex: Male
Birth 1857 Lambeth, Surrey

Child 3: Susan HALE

Name: Susan HALE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Arthur John YOUNG ( - )
Birth Q4 1858 Lambeth, Surrey4

Child 4: James HALE

Name: James HALE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Rebecca Louisa WALKINSHAW (1860- )
Birth 1860 (cal) Old Kent Road, Surrey5
Census 5 Apr 1891 (age 31) Peckham, Surrey5
13 Vaughan Place, Peckham, Surrey
Occupation 5 Apr 1891 (age 30-31) Carman; Peckham, Surrey5

Child 5: Joseph HALE

Name: Joseph HALE1
Sex: Male
Birth 1862 Newington, Surrey1

Child 6: Thomas Browning HALE

Name: Thomas Browning HALE1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Eleanor HALL ( - )
Birth 11 Dec 1864 Newington, Surrey1

Note on Husband: David HALE

Death cert & newspaper report re death of David Hale 1894:

This was for the David born in 1831 in South Mimms, Albert's Grandfather. The report mentions David's Widow, Elizabeth. This was in fact David's 2nd wife who he married in Oct 1879 when he was 47 and she was 29 !!! It must have been, er, *fun* at home in Alma Lodge Bermondsey, as the 1881 still shows David's sons at home; William 23, Joseph 18 and Thomas 16!!! Son David was by then just over 25 and altho he married 6 months after his father, you can imagine the neighbours had something to gossip about, what with Father marrying someone young enough to be his daughter!!! Still, father David had been a widower for 10 years and you have to admire him for keeping the children together with him after the wife's death. There were SIX children at that point!!1

Note on Wife: Susan BAXTER

David's 1st wife Susan, died in 1869 when she was just 34. It was childbirth related but we don't know if she went full term or miscarried. There IS a death regd for a baby Elizabeth Hale in the same qtr but in St Saviour rather than Newington where Susan's death was registered. However, I suppose it's possible that the baby survived and was being cared for by someone who then registered the death in the area but which *fell* into a different registration district.1


1"Email from Sue Leggett to Graham Hoadly".
Text From Source: ... I have just spent a fascinating couple of hours looking at your website - I
found it after googling HALE which is my maiden name and one of my areas of

Albert, as you have said he was known, was in fact cousin to my Grandfather,
Edward Cornelius Hale! Albert also had two older brothers, William born
c1881 in Bermondsey and James born c1884 in Camberwell.

Albert's father James and my Gt Grandfather, David Harry, were brothers and
two of a total of six children born to David Hale from South Mimms and Susan
Baxter from Suffolk. (They were married in Rotherhithe in 1854).

However (!) I realise this is getting completely away from your Tree ... and
also the reason I am writing to you!

As you have shown Albert's parents on your website, I wondered if you would
like a copy of their marriage cert? James Hale and Rebecca Louisa Walkinshaw
married on the 2nd August 1880 in St James' Church, Bermondsey.
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Baxter Susan Rotherhithe 1d 765
Hale David Rotherhithe 1d 765
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Text From Source: IGI Individual Record FamilySearchâ„¢ International Genealogical Index v5.0
British Isles
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Christening: 13 OCT 1833 North Cove, Suffolk, England


Father: JAMES BAXTER Family

Extracted birth or christening record for the locality listed in the record. The source records are usually arranged chronologically by the birth or christening date.

Source Information:
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C013662 1696 - 1875 0097131 Film 0472767 Film

Sheet: 00
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Text From Source: James Hale Head London Old Kent Road
Rebecca Hale Wife London Bermondsey
William Hale Son London Bermondsey
James Hale Son London Camberwell
Alexander Hale Son London Camberwell
David Hale Son London Camberwell
Henry Hale Son London Camberwell
RG12/483/13/17. Cit. Date: 5 April 1891. Assessment: Primary evidence.

Source: Census 1891 (James Hale) Peckham, Surrey RG12/483/13/17, Alexander Hale 91 (a)


Source: Census 1891 (James Hale) Peckham, Surrey RG12/483/13/17, Alexander Hale 91 (b)