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Family of Thomas Browning HALE and Eleanor HALL

Husband: Thomas Browning HALE (1864- )
Wife: Eleanor HALL ( - )
Children: Florence HALE (c. 1883- )
Thomas James HALE (1885- )
William HALE ( - )
Amelia Susan HALE (1894- )
Emily Rebecca HALE (1897- )
Annie Louisa HALE (1899- )
Marriage 9 Sep 18831

Husband: Thomas Browning HALE

Name: Thomas Browning HALE1
Sex: Male
Father: David HALE (1831-1894)
Mother: Susan BAXTER (c. 1833-1869)
Birth 11 Dec 1864 Newington, Surrey1

Wife: Eleanor HALL

Name: Eleanor HALL1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Florence HALE

Name: Florence HALE1
Sex: Female
Birth c. 18831

Child 2: Thomas James HALE

Name: Thomas James HALE1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Alice Bertha COLDMAN (1886- )
Birth 26 Sep 18851

Child 3: William HALE

Name: William HALE1
Sex: Male

Child 4: Amelia Susan HALE

Name: Amelia Susan HALE1
Sex: Female
Birth Q3 1894 Camberwell, Surrey2

Child 5: Emily Rebecca HALE

Name: Emily Rebecca HALE1
Sex: Female
Birth Q2 1897 Camberwell, Surrey3

Child 6: Annie Louisa HALE

Name: Annie Louisa HALE1
Sex: Female
Birth Q4 1899 Camberwell, Surrey4


1"Email from Sue Leggett to Graham Hoadly".
Text From Source: ... I have just spent a fascinating couple of hours looking at your website - I
found it after googling HALE which is my maiden name and one of my areas of

Albert, as you have said he was known, was in fact cousin to my Grandfather,
Edward Cornelius Hale! Albert also had two older brothers, William born
c1881 in Bermondsey and James born c1884 in Camberwell.

Albert's father James and my Gt Grandfather, David Harry, were brothers and
two of a total of six children born to David Hale from South Mimms and Susan
Baxter from Suffolk. (They were married in Rotherhithe in 1854).

However (!) I realise this is getting completely away from your Tree ... and
also the reason I am writing to you!

As you have shown Albert's parents on your website, I wondered if you would
like a copy of their marriage cert? James Hale and Rebecca Louisa Walkinshaw
married on the 2nd August 1880 in St James' Church, Bermondsey.
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Hale Amelia Susan Camberwell 1d 910
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