Family of Alexander Ebenezer WALKINSHAW and Rebecca YOUNG

Husband: Alexander Ebenezer WALKINSHAW (c. 1837- )
Wife: Rebecca YOUNG (c. 1841- )
Children: Rebecca Louisa WALKINSHAW (1860- )
Marriage Q3 1859 Bermondsey, Surrey1

Husband: Alexander Ebenezer WALKINSHAW

Name: Alexander Ebenezer WALKINSHAW
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1837 Bishopsgate
Occupation Leather Dresser

Wife: Rebecca YOUNG

Name: Rebecca YOUNG
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1841 London, Middlesex

Child 1: Rebecca Louisa WALKINSHAW

Name: Rebecca Louisa WALKINSHAW
Sex: Female
Spouse: James HALE (1860?- )
Birth Q3 1860 Bermondsey, Southwark, Surrey2
Census 5 Apr 1891 (age 30) Peckham, Surrey3
13 Vaughan Place, Peckham, Surrey
Occupation 5 Apr 1891 (age 30) Machinist; Peckham, Surrey3


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Walkinshaw Alexander Ebenezer Bermondsey 1d 111
Young Rebecca Bermondsey 1d 111
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Record Type: Births
Quarter: September
Year: 1860
District: Bermondsey (1837-69)
County: London Surrey
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Text From Source: James Hale Head London Old Kent Road
Rebecca Hale Wife London Bermondsey
William Hale Son London Bermondsey
James Hale Son London Camberwell
Alexander Hale Son London Camberwell
David Hale Son London Camberwell
Henry Hale Son London Camberwell
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Source: Census 1891 (James Hale) Peckham, Surrey RG12/483/13/17, Alexander Hale 91 (a)


Source: Census 1891 (James Hale) Peckham, Surrey RG12/483/13/17, Alexander Hale 91 (b)