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Family of John Stephen MALEY and Elizabeth Kniest WALDECK

Husband: John Stephen MALEY (1839-1910)
Wife: Elizabeth Kniest WALDECK (1841-1917)
Marriage 27 Aug 1862 Greenough, Western Australia1
Residence of Henry Gray, Greenough, Western Australia

Husband: John Stephen MALEY

Name: John Stephen MALEY1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 5 Apr 1839 Albany, Western Australia1
Death 28 Dec 1910 (age 71)1

Wife: Elizabeth Kniest WALDECK

Name: Elizabeth Kniest WALDECK1
Sex: Female
Father: Frederick G. WALDECK (1807-1895)
Mother: Fredericka Wilhemina Lucia KNIEST (1811-1905)
Birth 13 May 18411
Death 1917 (age 75-76)1

Note on Husband: John Stephen MALEY

From an obituary of Sarah Catherine Cooper in possession of Ainslie Sharpe:


"one of Mrs. Cooper's sisters married Mr. John Stephen Maley, who was a mechanical genius of a very high order, and whose apprenticeship as an engineer and blacksmith was served under the guidance of a clever old colonist named Solomon Cook, whose extensive operations were conducted upon the site that is now occupied by Guilfoyle's Australian Hotel, in Murray-street.

Among Mr. And Mrs. Maley's descendants are the brothers Maley, one of whom is the Minister for Agriculture, while the other is M.L.A. for Irwin, and whose sister (Mrs. Mary [Faybelly?], J.P.) has done so much in the way of popularising the consumption of wheat as a daily diet and curt for many of the ailments that afflict suffering humanity."


1Ainslie Sharpe, "|nformation supplied by Ainslie Sharpe".
Text From Source: |nformation supplied by Ainslie Sharpe (descendant of Charles George Harvey Cooper) of
Graham Hoadly.