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Family of Edwin Walter MACEY and Elizabeth Louise REYNOLDS

Husband: Edwin Walter MACEY (1842-1924)
Wife: Elizabeth Louise REYNOLDS (1861-1934)
Children: Dorothy Eva MACEY (1898-1970)
Amelia Elizabeth MACEY (1899-1968)
Sarah Rosina MACEY (1900-1992)

Husband: Edwin Walter MACEY

Name: Edwin Walter MACEY
Sex: Male
Father: Robert Samuel MACEY (1804?- )
Mother: Anne CRAGIE (1806?- )
Birth Q3 1842 Bermondsey, Surrey1
Death 1924 (age 81-82) Cardiff, Wales2

Wife: Elizabeth Louise REYNOLDS

Name: Elizabeth Louise REYNOLDS2
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 17 Sep 1861 Narberth, Wales2
Death 1934 (age 72-73)2

Child 1: Dorothy Eva MACEY

Name: Dorothy Eva MACEY2
Sex: Female
Nickname: Dolly
Spouse: William Cuthbert NORTON (1897- )
Birth 1 Feb 1898 Cardiff, Wales2
Death 30 Dec 1970 (age 72) Cardiff, Wales3

Child 2: Amelia Elizabeth MACEY

Name: Amelia Elizabeth MACEY2
Sex: Female
Nickname: Minnie
Spouse: Thomas Robert FORD (1899-1980)
Birth 25 May 1899 Cardiff, Wales2
Death 28 Feb 1968 (age 68) Cardiff, Wales2

Child 3: Sarah Rosina MACEY

Name: Sarah Rosina MACEY2,4
Sex: Female
Spouse: John William SMITHYMAN (1902-1941)
Birth 29 Oct 1900 Cardiff, Wales3
Death 23 Feb 1992 (age 91) Weymouth, Dorset3


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