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Family of Alfred HATTIN and Irene Ethel Georgiana BROWNE

Husband: Alfred HATTIN (1904-1986)
Wife: Irene Ethel Georgiana BROWNE (1902-1980)
Children: Ronald Alfred Frederick HATTIN (1928-1992)
Marriage 25 Dec 1926 Camberwell, Surrey1
Congregational Church Camberwell London

Husband: Alfred HATTIN

Name: Alfred HATTIN1
Sex: Male
Father: Frederick Charles HATTIN (c. 1874- )
Mother: Emma GAYMER (1874?- )
Birth 15 Jan 1904 Peckham, Surrey1
22 Peckham Grove Camberwell London
Emigration 10 Mar 1950 (age 46) from Tilbury, Essex to Brisbane, Queensland1
Hattin, Alfred - departed Tilbury on the RMS Ormonde on 10 March 1950 - arrived Brisbane 22 April 1950
Death 18 Aug 1986 (age 82) Brisbane, Queensland1

Wife: Irene Ethel Georgiana BROWNE

Name: Irene Ethel Georgiana BROWNE1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 4 Nov 1902 Greenwich, Deptford, Kent1
Emigration 12 Apr 1950 (age 47) from Liverpool, Lancs. to Sydney, NSW, Australia1
Irene and children Pamela Joy and Norman David - departed from Liverpool on the MV Georgic 4 December 1950 - arrived Sydney 8 January 1951
Death May 1980 (age 77) Brisbane, Queensland1

Child 3: Ronald Alfred Frederick HATTIN

Name: Ronald Alfred Frederick HATTIN1
Sex: Female
Spouse: Florence PRESTWOOD ( - )
Birth 27 Jan 1928 Camberwell, Surrey1
Death 9 May 1992 (age 64)1

Note on Husband: Alfred HATTIN

History of the Georgic

Added by debed486 on 25 Apr 2008


The M.V. Georgic was the last ship built for White Star, she was launched on November, 12 1931 and was the second sister of two. Like her Sister Britannic, Georgic was the same length of 683 feet by 82 feet wide, but there similarities would stop there. Georgic's tonnage was more then Britannic's tonnage, Georgic tonnage was at 27,759, Britannic's tonnage was 26,943. Georgic was more modern externally and internally, for example Britannic had the "box like front" (similar to ships like Titanic) and Georgic had a "rap around front" (like Britannic but without corners). White Star planed to build more ships with the new popular Georgic designee, but could not raise the money due to the depression. Its a shame that when White Star started to build there most modern and elegant ships (witch they haven't done since Titanic) that there two last ships Britannic and Georgic would be there last. Georgic made her maiden voyage from Liverpool to New York on June 25, 1932, and just like her sister Britannic, Georgic cruised out of New York during the winter months. The M.V. Georgic was host to the first of a number annual charity banquets at Gladstone Dock, Liverpool in September 1932. It look like the Georgic had a good future ahead of her. January 11, 1933 Georgic began to sail the Southampton to New York route, while the famous reliable R.M.S. Olympic went thought an overhaul.

May 10, 1934 after The White Star line accepted an agreement with the British government to merge with Cunard line for a loan of £9,5 million to finish building Cunard's super liner Queen Mary and a similar size sister ship. Sadly White Star never got to finish building there super liner Oceanic (it would have looked a lot like Britannic or Georgic). Georgic and her sister became part of the new Cunard-White Star fleet, but because of the sur plus many ship's like White Star's Olympic and Cunard's Mauretania were later scrapped. After a minor fire the Georgic joined her sister on the London, Southampton, New York route. In August 1939 the Georgic returned to the Liverpool to New York route, only made five round trips because it was then that she would be needed for WW2.

April 1940 Georgic sailed to the Clyde and work began to convert her into a troopship for 3,000 men. Then In May 1940 Georgic assisted in the evacuation of British troops from Andersfjord and Narvik, in Norway, landing them at the Clyde. Soon after that she assisted in the evacuation of troops from Brest and St.Nazaire. The rest of the year Georgic was transporting Canadian soldiers and carrying troops to the Middle East. 1941 In a convoy that had been left almost unprotected during the hunt for the German War ship Bismarck, the convoy arrived at Port Tewfik in the Gulf of Suez to awaiting Italian internees. July 14, 1941 the Georgic was bombed by German bombers repeatedly and set on fire, as fires continued to burn and ammunition exploded, wrecking the stern area, The gutted out Georgic was beached on a reef to prevent her from sinking July 16.

September 14, 1941 it was decided to try and salvage the half submerged, burnt out ship. In October the hulk of Georgic was raised, then towed to Port Sudan so that temporary repairs could be carried out to make Georgic seaworthy. In March 29, 1942 she was towed to Karachi where skilled British shipyard workers supervise the repairs with four hundred local workers, the job done in terrible conditions was completed in nine months. January 20,1943 further cleaning and repairs were done at Bombay. March 1, 1943 the Georgic arrived at Liverpool, then she returned to Harland & Wolff and was rebuilt for use as a troopship.

When the Georgic's refit was complete, her tonnage was reduced to 27,268 tons and she now had only one funnel and one mast, Georgic's was never quite the same. In 1945 she carried troops to Italy, the Middle East and India and in December 25, 1945 Georgic arrived at Liverpool with troops from the Far East including General Sir William, the commander in charge of South East Asia.

July 1948 Georgic arrived at Tyneside for refitting by Palmers Hebburn so that she could be painted in White Star livery color (white) and used for the Australian and New Zealand emigrant service. Georgic made her first voyage on this rout in January 1949, at Liverpool, Suez, Freemantle, Melbourne and Sydney.

In May 1950 the Georgic returned to the Liverpool to New York rout for Cunard during the heavy summer months as a one class tourist ship, her conditions was terrible and Georgic was not certified for winter ocean travel. In the summer of 1951 she sailed on the Southampton to New York route until October 19, 1954 when the Georgic made her last voyage for Cunard.

The Georgic arrived in Liverpool with troops from Japan in April 1955, it was then that Georgic was offered for sale. In May she was chartered to the Australian Government. The M.V. Georgic made her final voyage on November 19, 1955 from Hong Kong to Liverpool with 800 troops on board. December 1955 she was laid up at Kames Bay, by February 1956 the M.V. Georgic was scrapped at Faslane.

The Georgic had a good future until she was bombed repeatedly in WW2. She was never the same as she was before, only broken, half of what she was before. She was White Star's most elegant looking ship, its a shame that when White Star started to build better ships, it would turn out to be there last.1


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