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Family of Leonard PREVOST and Mary RICHARDSON

Husband: Leonard PREVOST (1724-1787)
Wife: Mary RICHARDSON (1724-1763)
Children: William PREVOST (1747- )
George PREVOST (1749- )
John PREVOST (1752-1840)
Leonard PREVOST (1754-1755)
Leonard PREVOST (bef1756-1823)
Mary PREVOST (1761- )
Marriage 26 Oct 1746 Bethnal Green, London1,2

Husband: Leonard PREVOST

Name: Leonard PREVOST1
Sex: Male
Father: Pierre PREVOST (1697-1756)
Mother: Marie BERNARD (1700- )
Birth 20 May 1724 Spitalfields, London1
Death 1787 (age 62-63)


Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 17241
Death 1763 (age 38-39)1

Child 1: William PREVOST

Name: William PREVOST1
Sex: Male
Birth 1747 Spitalfields, London1

Child 2: George PREVOST

Name: George PREVOST1
Sex: Male
Birth 1749 Bishopsgate, London1

Child 3: John PREVOST

Name: John PREVOST1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary ABART (HUBBARD) ( - )
Birth 14 Jun 1752 Spitalfields, London1
Death 1840 (age 87-88)1

Child 4: Leonard PREVOST

Name: Leonard PREVOST1
Sex: Male
Birth 17541
Death 1755 (age 0-1)1

Child 5: Leonard PREVOST

Name: Leonard PREVOST3
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Mary LUSBY (1756- )
Birth bef 22 Aug 1756 Christchurch, Spitalfields, London1,4
Death 1823 (age 66-67)1

Child 6: Mary PREVOST

Name: Mary PREVOST1
Sex: Female
Birth 1761 London, Middlesex1


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British Isles
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Leonard Provost Pedigree
Male Family


Spouse: Mary Richardson Family
26 OCT 1746 St Matthew'S, Bethnal Green, London, England

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