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Family of William Charles BLACKNEY and Lilian SUGDEN

Husband: William Charles BLACKNEY (1883- )
Wife: Lilian SUGDEN ( - )
Children: William R. D. BLACKNEY (1908-1984)
Gladys L. BLACKNEY (1910- )
Marriage Q3 1906 Edmonton, Middlesex1,2

Husband: William Charles BLACKNEY

Name: William Charles BLACKNEY1
Sex: Male
Father: William Richard. BLACKNEY (1858-1932)
Mother: Elizabeth Ann WILLIAMSON ( - )
Birth 1883 Bethnal Green, London1

Wife: Lilian SUGDEN

Name: Lilian SUGDEN1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: William R. D. BLACKNEY

Name: William R. D. BLACKNEY1
Sex: Male
Birth 3 Dec 1908 Edmonton, Middlesex1,3
Death Nov 1984 (age 75) Greenwich, Deptford, Kent1

Child 2: Gladys L. BLACKNEY

Name: Gladys L. BLACKNEY1
Sex: Female
Birth Q4 1910 Edmonton, Middlesex1,4


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