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Family of Ernest Francis Edward SHEAN and Gladys Rosa LONG

Husband: Ernest Francis Edward SHEAN ( - )
Wife: Gladys Rosa LONG (1908-1986)
Children: Patricia Gladys SHEAN ( - )
Marriage 7 Dec 1928 Sydney, NSW, Australia1

Husband: Ernest Francis Edward SHEAN


Ernest Francis Edward SHEAN, 1972

Name: Ernest Francis Edward SHEAN1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Gladys Rosa LONG


Gladys Rosa LONG, 1972, age 63

Name: Gladys Rosa LONG1
Sex: Female
Father: Charles Ernest LONG (1881-1957)
Mother: Elsie Agnes MANSON (1883-1972)
Birth 31 Dec 1908 Albury, NSW, Australia1
Death 1986 (age 77-78) East Gosford, NSW, Australia1

Child 1: Patricia Gladys SHEAN

Name: Patricia Gladys SHEAN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Robert Foley KENYON ( - )


1Karen Kenyon, "Karen Kenyon's Family Tree".
Information suppled to Graham Hoadly from Karen Kenyon (whose husband is the GG Grandson of Rosa Anne Cooper.).
Graham Hoadly.