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Family of George SATCHELL and Mary Ann GABELL

Husband: George SATCHELL (1857- )
Wife: Mary Ann GABELL (1858- )
Children: Caroline SATCHELL (1880-1964)
Marriage 19 Mar 1876 Bethnal Green, London

Husband: George SATCHELL

Name: George SATCHELL
Sex: Male
Father: Henry SATCHELL ( - )
Mother: Elizabeth ? ( - )
Birth 1857
Occupation Lath Maker

Wife: Mary Ann GABELL

Name: Mary Ann GABELL
Sex: Female
Father: Wliiam GABELL ( - )
Mother: -
Birth 1858

Child 1: Caroline SATCHELL




Spouse: Andrew PREVOST

Name: Caroline SATCHELL
Sex: Female
Spouse: Andrew PREVOST (1881-1931)
Birth 20 Jun 1880 Hackney, London1,2
Occupation Licenced Victualler1
Education C Of E1
Census 29 Sep 1939 (age 59) Poplar, London, England3
48A Grundy Street [The African Tavern]
Occupation 29 Sep 1939 (age 59) Publican; Poplar, London, England3
Residence 1945 (age 64-65) Poplar, London4
48a Grundy Street (The African Tavern), Poplar, London
Death 20 Dec 1964 (age 84) Poplar, London1
Burial 24 Dec 1964 Manor Park, London1


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Florence E HOADLY,,F,18 MAR 1912,Married,Barmaid,,
Robert SAVAGE,,M,27 MAY 1914,Single,Barman,,

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