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Family of ? OLIVER and Sarah Susannah SADLER

Husband: ? OLIVER ( - )
Wife: Sarah Susannah SADLER (1847?- )

Husband: ? OLIVER

Name: ? OLIVER
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Sarah Susannah SADLER

Name: Sarah Susannah SADLER
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1847 (cal) Oxford, Oxfordshire

Note on Wife: Sarah Susannah SADLER

Sarah was my 2x great grandfathers sister and she took in her niece, my great grandmother Elizabeth Sadler, when her mother died and father entered an asylum and also her second husbands nephew, my great grandfather Samuel Meads , when his mother died in childbirth. These two married and emigrated to new Zealand at the start of the 20th century.

My grandmother was about 9 when they arrived here and it is her notes that have made it possible to track down the marriages that Sarah contracted between censuses.

The reminiscences are obviously correct in essence if not entirely in fact!

I will quote what she wrote:

"Sarah Susannah married Charlie Smith... [followed by a time line that indicates two sets of twins, two dashes, one labelled boy suffocated 9 months, 3 dashes and then one labelled Elizabeth married Will Deakin]

Sarah had one daughter live out of 11 by 1st husband Charlie Smith all girls bar one who died through suffocation by servant who slept with child.. Day of inquest mother of Sarah locked up in case of incriminating statements by her as she didnt like maid. Lizzie is 10 years old when father died.Then Sarah married Sgt Major Solomon Benjamin Price Royal Engineers, Crimean War, Marble Mason own business.Lived four years seldom sober but he was a gentleman. His first wife died of cancer and he married Sarah six weeks after her death. Neighbours threw rotten eggs at carriage and caused sensation in the street. They had not previously met before wifes death. Next became third wife of Mr Oliver ropework owner in Bilston. Married Feb died Oct. 8 months he had 7 sons by previous marriage. Next married John Bennett Hotel Proprietor. She was his second wife. Lived two years. She was 62 when died. Owned tin factory Seymour St Balsall Heath."

It would be interesting to know what happened to Elizabeth Smiths descendants, I couldnt find them in the 1911 census. I have some postcards sent to New Zealand by "Lizzie" and wonder if the chilhood contact was maintained.


[Email to Graham Hoadly by Sherrie Bird - October 2009]