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Family of Arthur ALEFOUNDER and Sarah ?

Husband: Arthur ALEFOUNDER (1800?-1879)
Wife: Sarah ? (1799?-1821)
Children: William ALEFOUNDER (1819-1869)

Husband: Arthur ALEFOUNDER

Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1800 (cal) Guildford, Surrey1,2
Census 6 Jun 1841 (age 40) Shoreditch, London3
4 Tabernacle Place, St Leonard's Place, Shoreditch, London
Occupation 6 Jun 1841 (age 40-41) Sadler S; Shoreditch, London3
Census 7 Apr 1861 (age 61) Shoreditch4
58 Long Alley, Shoreditch, London
Occupation 7 Apr 1861 (age 60-61) Saddler; Shoreditch4
Census 2 Apr 1871 (age 71) Shoreditch, London5
59 Holywell Lane, St Leonard, Shoreditch, London
Occupation 2 Apr 1871 (age 70-71) Roller Maker; Shoreditch, London5
Occupation Saddler, Harness-Maker1,6,7,8
Death 30 May 1879 (age 78) Shoreditch , Middlesex9,10,11
Cause: Senile Decay
Address: Shoreditch Infirmary, Hoxton Street, Haggerston, Shoreditch, Middlesex
The occupation on the death certificate is difficult to decipher: seems to say "horse [...] maker" . I can't read the word in parenthesis.
Burial 5 Jun 1879 Forest Gate, London12
Manor Park Cemetery, Sebert Road, Forest Gate, London E7 )NP
Grave reference: 148/671 - presumably a communal or public grave.

Wife: Sarah ?

Name: Sarah ?
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1799 (cal)13
Death 1821 (age 22) Marylebone, London13
Barrett Court, Wardour Street, Marylebone, London

Child 1: William ALEFOUNDER

Name: William ALEFOUNDER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jane SMITH (1820?-1900)
Birth 8 Mar 1819 (age 50) Duke Street, off Oxford Street, Middlesex, London14
Christening 28 Mar 1819 (age 0) Bloomsbury, Marylebone, London
St George, Bloomsbury, Marylebone, OLOndon
Occupation Harness maker (1861):
Court Case 15 May 1834 (age 15) London
The Old Bailey, London
SAMUEL JAMES HODGSON, theft: simple grand larceny, 15 May 1834.
The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Ref: t18340515-134
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Trial Summary:
Crime(s): theft : simple grand larceny,
Punishment Type: transportation,
(Punishment details may be provided at the end of the trial.)
Verdict: Guilty,
Other trials on 15 May 1834
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Original Text:
874. SAMUEL JAMES HODGSON was indicted for stealing, on the 15th of April, 3 yards of silk, value 8s., the goods of Thomas Gardner, his master.

SUSAN GARDNER. I am the wife of Thomas Gardner. I keep a haberdasher's shop in Norton-falgate - the prisoner was in my service about five weeks - on the 15th of April I desired to see his box, with an officer - I thought I saw him take something up with his coat - I took the coat, and found this paper with this silk folded in it - I said,"This is my silk" - the prisoner said, "That silk I bought and paid for, and I can show you an invoice of it" - he then paused some minutes, and said, "Can you swear to that silk?" - I said, "I can - there are about three yards of it - here is a notch which corresponds with the roll of silk that was in the shop" - I went into the shop, and compared the silk, and it matched exactly - the prisoner then said, "If you will walk up stairs, I will explain it to you"- he then said, "I have cut the silk off" - he went on his knees and begged me to forgive him - I said, "No; you thought very little of robbing me, but for the protection of my own property I must give you into custody" - he had no right to cut that silk.

Cross-examined by MR. STAMMERS. Q. How long have you been in the retail trade? A. About seventeen years -
See originalif a shopman wishes to purchase any thing, the custom is for him to apply to another person in the shop, and have it cut off, and then bring it to his employer to have it entered in a book - it is not the custom for a shopman to take goods for his own use, and to enter it in the evening - the prisoner never mentioned to me that he wanted a piece of silk of this kind - he says he named it to some of my young people - I received information of this from my boy, and sent for the officer - the prisoner looked into his pocket-book for the invoice of this, but did not find it, and when he went up stairs he said he cut it off the roll.

WILLIAM ALEFOUNDER. I am shop-boy to the prosecutor. I was there that morning - I saw the prisoner come to the top of the shop, and take a yard measure down - he went to the bottom of the shop, put his hand under the wrapper, took down a piece of silk and put it on the counter - he put the yard measure to the silk, and took the scissors out of his pocket and cut the silk off - he put it into his pocket, rolled the roll up, and put it into its place.

Cross-examined. Q. Where were you? A. At the door, cleaning the window - there was no one in the shop - he did not conceal this - there was a pile of boxes before him - he did not cut off a random piece - he measured it with the stick - I do not think there was a carpenter at work.

BENJAMIN BEAVIS. I was sent for to take the prisoner- the silk was found in my presence.

Prisoner's Defence. I deny any felonious intention of appropriating it to my own use - it is the custom of our trade for a shopman to have any goods he may want - it is immaterial whether it is measured by yourself or any one else - I can bring two witnesses who will swear that I showed them a piece of silk on the Thursday before, and on the Monday I ascertained what quantity I wanted - the value of a young man depends on his knowing his business, with regard to leaving such a length of silk as may be of benefit to his employer - I said to one of my witnesses that if I cut three yards off one of the pieces, it would be an injury, as it would leave but eleven yards, which would be an unsaleable length - it is not likely if I had wished to appropriate this to my own use that I should take the measure and cut it off - the carpenter stood close to me when I cut it off, but I have not been able to procure him - he said to me, "Shall I remove, Sir, am I in your way?" - I said"No, not at all" - there were boards on the counter, but they did not conceal me at all - this boy has had an animosity against me for a fortnight before - he cannot deny that on the Wednesday or Thursday before, he was very saucy, and I told him I would box his ears - he continued his impertinence, and I took hold of his ears, but did not hurt him - his father came there that day - I told him, and he desired me to correct him at any time - on the morning this happened, he was very sancy, while he was on the steps - I was obliged to tell him to do the windows over again - he said Mr. Withers, who was my predecessor, never told him to do it, and he would not - I said he was very saucy, and if it were not that I should have to pay for the glass, I would knock him off the steps; and when I went to breakfast he said I had been cutting off silk, and not entered it- it is only spite and malice that has induced this charge by him - all that I have had has been entered, both cash and goods.

MARGARET GLYNN. I am Mrs. Gardner's niece; I help her in her shop. On the 8th of April the prisoner had some stockings and some ribbon for his own use, at a low price, and Mrs. Gardner entered them in the book - I think it was about the same time the prisoner told me he wanted a piece of silk for some bonnets - I told him it would take three yards to make two bonnets, which I understood he wanted - he brought two pieces to me, and said one was fourteen yards long, and he asked if I thought two yards would do for the bonnets, as it would leave twelve yards, which would make a dress - I told him I thought it would require three yards - he said he thought he should have it, but he did not say what quantity - I never entered things- I never knew any one to have things when Mrs. Gardner was not there.

COURT. Q. Did he tell you he had cut off three yards? A. No. He never desired me to enter it to him.

MARY ANN PRIESTLY. I am apprentice to Mrs. Gardner. I was standing by the last witnesses when the prisoner asked her what quantity it would take to make two bonnets - she said "Three yards;" and I said so too.

MRS. GARDNER re-examined. I searched the prisoner's box, about half-past eight o'clock that morning - when I heard of this, I called the boy up - the prisoner asked him how he dared to say such a thing; and put himself in a great passion - I said, "Do not put yourself in a passion; you have no objection to my searching your box?" - he said,"No, nor my person either" - I then sent for the officer.(Field Wade, painter, and Joseph Charles Jefferys, gave the prisoner a good character.)

GUILTY. Aged 32. - Transported for Seven Years.
Occupation 6 Jun 1841 (age 22) F.S.; St Sepulchre without Newgate, London
Census 6 Jun 1841 (age 22) St Sepulchre without Newgate, London15
St Sepulchre without Newgate, London
Census 30 Mar 1851 (age 31) London City16
5 Printing House Yard, St Stephen Coleman Street, London City
Occupation 30 Mar 1851 (age 32) Harness Maker; London City16
Census 7 Apr 1861 (age 40) Cripplegate, London17
6 Haberdasher Square, St Giles, London
Occupation 7 Apr 1861 (age 42) Harness Maker; Cripplegate, London17
Death Q1 1869 (age 50) E London18

Note on Husband: Arthur ALEFOUNDER (1) - shared note

Arthur and Elizabeth were married in the presence of John Sweetappel and Charles House (?) [Latter's surname difficult to read].


June 1824, Living in Carnaby Street Westminster


In 1841 the family were living at 4 Tabernacle Place, Shoreditch.


Note on Husband: Arthur ALEFOUNDER (2)

1851 Census: Thus far the family haven't turned upin the 1851 census. [2008]


Checked the whole of Tabernacle Walk for the 1851 censisus (2011). No Alefounders to be found. It appears that Tabernacle Place was actually in Tabernacle Walk.


Alfred Alefounder gives his address as "Tabernacle Walk" on his marriage registration for 13 September 1852, and Mary Ann Alefounder gave her address as 4 Tabernacle Place when her daughter Emma Lowson Alefounder was baptised on 28th July 1850.


It is reasonable to suppose therefore that the Alefounder family were still living at Tabernacle Place / Walk when the 1851 census was taken on 30th March 1851, but somehow were missed from the census.


[I believe there is a section of this census missing]

Note on Husband: Arthur ALEFOUNDER (3)

Census says he was born in Guildford, Surrey. Thus far no record of this has been found:


No Baptism in Holy Trinity, Guildford Baptismal registers 1558 - 1812.

Note on Wife: Sarah ?

The only records we have oif Sarah are her death and the fact that she was the mother of William at his baptism.


Thus far, I have been unable to find evidence of a marriage between Arthur Alefounder and Sarah, only his subsequent marriage to Elizabeth Nicholson.


It is reasonable to suppose that the marriage to Sarah may have taken place in London, but we also have no record of Arthurs birth - according to later censuses, in Guildford, Surrey.


1Census (Microfilm).
Text From Source: Census (Microfilm - PRO chancery lane)
Family Records Centre, 1 Myddleton Street, LONDON, EC1R 1UW. Tel: 020 8392 5300.
21871 census (Microfilm).
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RG10/438/12. Assessment: Primary evidence.
Family Records Centre, 1 Myddleton Street, LONDON, EC1R 1UW. Tel: 020 8392 5300.
3"Census 1841 (Arthur Alefounder) Shoreditch, London HO107/709/10/6/4".
Text From Source: Arthur Alefounder 40 Sadler S N
Elizabeth Alefounder 40 N
Mary Alefounder 11 Y
Alfred Alefounder 8 Y
Susannah Alefounder 5 Y
Charlotte Alefounder 10m Y
Harriett Alefounder 10m Y
Assessment: Primary evidence.

Source: Census 1841 (Arthur Alefounder) Shoreditch, London HO107/709/10/6/4, Arthur Alefounder 41

4"Census 1861 (Arthur Alefounder) RG9/230/59/6".
Text From Source: 1861 Census RG9/230/59/6 (Arthur Alefounder)
58 Long Alley, Shoreditch, London

Arthur Alefounder head Mar 61 Surrey
Elizabeth Alefounder wife 63 Surrey
Charlotte Alefounder dau Unmar 21 Shoreditch Middsx
Assessment: Primary evidence.
5"Census 1871 (Arthur Alefounder) Shoreditch, London RG10/438/12/17".
Text From Source: Arthur Alefounder Head 71 Roller Maker Surrey Guildford
Elizabeth Alefounder Wife 73 Surrey Guildford
Assessment: Primary evidence.

Source: Census 1871 (Arthur Alefounder) Shoreditch, London RG10/438/12/17, Arthur and Elizabeth Alefounder 71

6Marriage certificate.
Text From Source: Marriage certificate (GRO St Catherine's House)
St Catherine's House.
7Parish Register.
Text From Source: Parish Register
8St Peter's, Saffron Hill, Holborn, Parish Register.
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London Metropolitan Archives, 40 Northampton Road, London, EC1R 0HB. Tel: 020 7332 3820.
9GRO Indexes.
Text From Source: BMD Search result details

Civil Registration event: Marriage
Name: JAMES, Benjamin
Registration District: Help St. George Hanover Square
County: London
Year of Registration: 1853
Quarter of Registration: Apr-May-Jun
Spouse's last name: Not available before 1912
Volume No: Help 1A
Page No: Help 343

BMD Search result details

Civil Registration event: Marriage
Name: STOREY, Jane
Registration District: Help St. George Hanover Square
County: London
Year of Registration: 1853
Quarter of Registration: Apr-May-Jun
Spouse's last name: Not available before 1912
Volume No: Help 1A
Page No: Help 343
Text From Source: Deaths Jun 1879

Alefounder Arthur 78 Shoreditch 1c 114
Family Records Centre, 1 Myddleton Street, LONDON, EC1R 1UW. Tel: 020 8392 5300.
10Death Certificate.
Text From Source: GRO death certificate
In possession of Graham Hoadly.
Assessment: Primary evidence.
Text From Source: Registration District: Shoreditch 1879 DEATH in the Sub-district of Haggerston in the County of Middlesex
No: 479
When and where died: Thirtieth May 1879 Shoreditch Infirmary
Name and Surname: Arthur Alefounder
Sex: Male
Age: 78 years
Occupation: Horse [roller? - difficult to read] maker
Cause of Death: Senile Decay Certified by W.M.Forbes LRCP
Signature, description and residence of informant: W.M. Forbes Medical Superintendent Shoreditch Infirmary Hoxton Street Haggerston
When registered: Third June 1879
Signature of Registrar: A.A.Lough. Registrar

CERTIFIED to be a true copy of an entry in the certified copy of a Register of Deaths in the District above mentioned.
Given at the GENERAL REGISTER OFFICE, under the Seal of the said Office, the 11th day of May 2004
Family Records Centre, 1 Myddleton Street, LONDON, EC1R 1UW. Tel: 020 8392 5300.

Source: Death Certificate, 17 Rosefield Street, Leamington June 2014 (4)

11"Arthur Alefounder Death Certificate".

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13"Sarah Alefounder 1821".

Source: Sarah Alefounder 1821, Sarah Alefounder 1821


Source: Sarah Alefounder 1821, Sarah Alefounder b 1821

14"William Alefounder 1819".
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15"Census 1841 (William Alefounder) St Sepulchre without Newgate, London HO107/728/1/13/20".
Text From Source: Roger Seccomb 38 Sadler N
Charlotte Seccomb 34 N
John Seccomb 12 Y
Mary Seccomb 10 Y
Charlotte Seccomb 8 Y
Richard Seccomb 7 Y
William Seccomb 6 Y
Sarah Seccomb 4 Y
Ann Seccomb 1 Y
William Alefounder 22 F Y
Ann Buckmaster 19 F.S. Y

Source: Census 1841 (William Alefounder) St Sepulchre without Newgate, London HO107/728/1/13/20, William Alefounder 41

16"Census 1851 (William Alefounder) London City HO107/1532/125/84".
Text From Source: William Alefounder 31 Middlesex Marylebone
Jane Alefounder 30 Staffordshire
Arthur Alefounder 6 Middlesex City of London
Hephzibah Alefounder 5 Middlesex City of London
Alice Alefounder 3 Middlesex City of London
Elizabeth Alefounder 1 Middlesex City of London
Assessment: Primary evidence.

Source: Census 1851 (William Alefounder) London City HO107/1532/125/84, William Alefounder 51

17"Census 1861 (William Alefounder) Cripplegate, London RG09/213/97/26".
Text From Source: William Alefounder Head 40 Oxford Street
Jane Alefounder Wife 40 Stafford
William Alefounder Son 7 City of London [?]
Ernest Alefounder Son 5 City of London [?]
Hephzibah Alefounder Dau 15 City of London [?]
Alice Alefounder Dau 13 City of London [?]
Emiley Alefounder Dau 3 Middlesex City Road
Assessment: Primary evidence.
18"Information from Free Births, Marriages, and Deaths website:" (Internet). Assessment: Questionable.
Text From Source: Deaths Mar 1869

Alefounder William 50 E. London 1c 14
Internet. Call Number: (electronic).