Family of Edward JOUGHIN and Elizabeth BULL

Husband: Edward JOUGHIN (1787-1853)
Wife: Elizabeth BULL (1791- )
Children: George JOUGHIN (c. 1813- )
Marriage 25 Feb 1810 Stepney, London1
St Dunstan's Church, Stepney

Husband: Edward JOUGHIN

Name: Edward JOUGHIN
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1787
Occupation Mathematical Instrument Maker
Death Q1 1853 (age 65-66) St George East, Middlesex2

Wife: Elizabeth BULL

Name: Elizabeth BULL
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1791

Child 1: George JOUGHIN

Name: George JOUGHIN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Harriett CANNELL (1815-1897)
Birth c. 1813 St George's in the East, Tower Hamlets, London
Occupation Nautical Instrument Maker
Occupation 24 Jan 1847 (age 33-34) Mathematical Instrument Maker3

Note on Husband: Edward JOUGHIN

Death date unchecked - so not necessarily correct.


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Joughin Edward St. Geo. East 1c 348
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When baptized: 24 Jan 1847
Child's Christian Name: George
Parents' Christian Names: George and Harriett
Parents' Surname: JOUGHIN
Quality, Trade or Profession: Mathematical Instrument Maker
By whom the ceremony was performed: D. Vawdry

Source: Baptism Stepney, London 24 Jan 1847 George JOUGHIN, Baptism Stepney, London 24 Jan 1847 George JOUGHIN