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Family of James SMITH and Elizabeth ?

Husband: James SMITH (1841- )
Wife: Elizabeth ? ( - )
Children: James SMITH ( - )
Henry SMITH ( - )
Isaac Daniel SMITH (1876- )
Charles SMITH ( - )
Walter SMITH ( - )
John SMITH ( - )
Beatrice SMITH ( - )

Husband: James SMITH

Name: James SMITH
Sex: Male
Father: Henry SMITH (1813?-aft1859)
Mother: Elizabeth ? (1811?- )
Birth 1841 Ipswich, Suffolk
Census 6 Jun 1841 (age 4 mns) Norwich Norfolk1
Lock and Key Yard, St John's Sepulchre

Wife: Elizabeth ?

Name: Elizabeth ?
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: James SMITH

Name: James SMITH
Sex: Male

Child 2: Henry SMITH

Name: Henry SMITH
Sex: Male

Child 3: Isaac Daniel SMITH

Name: Isaac Daniel SMITH
Sex: Male
Spouse: Alice Ann RILEY ( - )
Birth 1876 South Hackney

Child 4: Charles SMITH

Name: Charles SMITH
Sex: Male

Child 5: Walter SMITH

Name: Walter SMITH
Sex: Male

Child 6: John SMITH

Name: John SMITH
Sex: Male

Child 7: Beatrice SMITH

Name: Beatrice SMITH
Sex: Female


1"Census 1841 Norwich Norfolk HO107/789/4/ 7/6" (HO107/789/4/ 7/6).
Text From Source: Name,Sex,Age,Occupation,Where Born
Henry SMITH,M,25,Labourer,Y
Elizabeth SMITH,F,27,,Y
Elizabeth SMITH,F,8,,Y
Sarah Ann SMITH,F,2,,Y
James SMITH,M,4m,,N, [ plus a tick for born in Scotland, Ireland or Foreign Parts]
Since Smith is such a common name, this may not be the correct entry. However, it seems to be the only one - providing Elizabeth was still living in Norwich at this time, that fulfiulls the criteria of her age, father and his occupation. It is conceivable, of course, that she was no longer in Norwich by this time. Also this family is still to be found in Norwich up until the 1861 census. As Elizabeth declared that her father was deceased when her marriage to Frederick Augustus Hoadly was registered in 1859, I guess this may not be the correct family at all!

Source: Census 1841 Norwich Norfolk HO107/789/4/ 7/6, Census UK 1841 HO107/789/4/ 7/6