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Family of Robert William KIMBER and Alice Mary WHITWELL

Husband: Robert William KIMBER (1854- )
Wife: Alice Mary WHITWELL (1860-1933)
Children: Florence Emily KIMBER (1884- )
Ernest Henry Blizard KIMBER (1886- )
Annie Hetty KIMBER (1888- )
Frederick Robert Kershaw KIMBER (1891- )
Walter Elston KIMBER (1893- )
Maud Alice KIMBER (1895- )
Marriage 30 May 1881 Camberwell, Surrey1

Husband: Robert William KIMBER

Name: Robert William KIMBER
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1854 Southwark, Surrey

Wife: Alice Mary WHITWELL

Name: Alice Mary WHITWELL
Sex: Female
Father: John WHITWELL (1822-1882)
Mother: Hannah KERSHAW (1822- )
Birth 1860 Lambeth, Surrey
Death 1933 (age 73) Camberwell, Surrey2

Child 1: Florence Emily KIMBER

Name: Florence Emily KIMBER
Sex: Female
Birth 1884 Camberwell, Surrey

Child 2: Ernest Henry Blizard KIMBER

Name: Ernest Henry Blizard KIMBER
Sex: Male
Birth 1886 Camberwell, Surrey

Child 3: Annie Hetty KIMBER

Name: Annie Hetty KIMBER
Sex: Female
Birth 1888 Camberwell, Surrey

Child 4: Frederick Robert Kershaw KIMBER

Name: Frederick Robert Kershaw KIMBER
Sex: Male
Birth 1891 Deptford, Kent

Child 5: Walter Elston KIMBER

Name: Walter Elston KIMBER
Sex: Male
Birth 1893 Deptford, Kent

Child 6: Maud Alice KIMBER

Name: Maud Alice KIMBER
Sex: Female
Birth 1895 Deptford, Kent


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